Download now! LEGO Trilogies Batman and Batman Arkham are free for PC

by Kelvin

Epic Games Store released the Batman Arkham and LEGO Batman trilogies to commemorate Batman's 80th birthday; download now

Because of the 80th anniversary of Batman, a Epic Games Store, made available on Thursday (19) the Batman Free Week. The campaign will give no less than six games from Batman for free to users. Consumers who own the PC store can download free trilogies Batman Arkham and LEGO Batman for computers. Check out below how to redeem the games:

Batman Arkham and LEGO Batman Trilogies Get Free at Epic Store

Before you begin, you must have installed on your PC the Epic Games Store, platform where your games will be stored from the rescue. To install, go to the download center of Epic Games and choose your PC operating system (Windows or Mac). The redemption may also be made through theBatman Free Week. For this tutorial we will use the program for Windows.

How to Redeem Batman Trilogies at Epic Games Store

Step 1: With the Epic Games Store installed and an assigned account, look for the promotion photo, and click “Free Now”. You will be directed to the exclusive page of Batman Free Week;

Step 1 How to Redeem Batman Games at Epic Games Store

Step 2: Inside the page you will see both trilogies to buy. Note that the value must be crossed out and written on the side "Free". The available trilogies are: Batman: Arkham Collectionwhich contains the games “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, “Batman: Arkham City” and Batman: Arkham Knight; it's the LEGO Batman Trilogy, composed of the titles “LEGO Batman: The Video Game”, “LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes” and “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham”;

Click on one of the trilogies to begin the rescue.

Download now! LEGO Trilogies Batman and Batman Arkham are free for PC 3

Step 3: Then, click on "Get" and "Make a wish". The procedure works for both trilogies;

Step 4: Ready. With rescued games, just go to your Library and install the games.

Final step to the rescue

Batman Arkham Trilogy

Batman: Arkham is a console action series based on the DC Comics hero, Batman. The games were produced by Rocksteady Studios for PC, PC consoles Sony and from Microsoftin addition to mobile devices Android and iOS. The series portrays the struggle of the Batman against some of the most iconic villains in your universe, such as Joker and Hugo Strange.

Batman: Arkham Knight imageBatman: Arkham Knight image

LEGO Batman Trilogy

Already the trilogy LEGO Batman tells the hero's adventures in a more fun way. There were three titles released for all platforms, including the consoles of the Nintendo. The success of the franchise was so great that it yielded an animated, spin-off franchise movie. A Lego adventure. The film was a critical success and grossed about $ 312 million.

Picture of the first game of the LEGO Batman franchisePicture of the first game of the LEGO Batman franchise

Remember that the games will be available from Epic Games Store until September 26th. What did you think of the news? Leave it in the comments if you will reset them all again – or for the first time.

Source: Epic Games

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