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by Kelvin

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If it is a question of tools for the realization of slides or of interactive plates with all the professional, entrepreneurial or academic character that this requires, PowerPoint is definitely one of the options that has more field. On this occasion, we present PowerPoint 2016, the latest version that Office has released for the use of all its users.

News of the 2016 version

Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2016


We all know that Microsoft developers, and in this case of its Office section for Windows, are constantly innovating their platforms and operating systems for computers. In this way, they seek to improve more and more the experiences that their users have with their products.

In the case of PowerPoint 2016, developers have not only improved and modernized the interface to facilitate search and scrolling through sections. But they have integrated other options that seek to innovate the way slides are used today.

Among them, and perhaps the most remarkable, is the insertion of 3D models, which you can not only integrate into your presentation, but you can also rotate, rotate, move to the sides, from top to bottom, zoom in or out on your taste. You can even create animations that connect one sheet with the other, making panoramic views of different parts of the object for a better view and presentation of it.

The best tool for students and professionals

power point 2016 themes

Whether you have an exhibition at the school, the defense of your thesis at the university or have a conference in front of your work group, PowerPoint 2016 will be your ally when creating the most outstanding presentations with the best content .

You can not only have an innovative design, but also the platform allows you to include content that for other systems would be impossible or simply very cumbersome. You can easily incorporate images, videos, tables, graphics and even music to accompany your presentations. Connect sheets to make the experience as interactive.

Download PowerPoint 2016 now

PowerPoint 2016 is a tool that cannot be missing on your PC. We invite you to download it right now, it is extremely fast and simple.

When you download it, Office gives you 60 days of free trial, with which you can check everything we've told you and much more. Once this time is over you will not have any problem with the purchase of the software permanently. Do not miss the opportunity to work and improve your presentations with the best tool today. Next, we leave you the link for download:

Download PowerPoint 2016

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