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Many wonder if it is possible to download Spotify lists. Certainly, it is not simple, although it can be done. It is quite useful for many reasons. If you have them and want to listen to them without having to connect, this post is for you. We will give ourselves the task of revealing the secret to you so that you can take advantage of it.

The first thing is to install Spotify on mobile or you can also read our guide to use Spotify premium

1. Can it be done for free?

Before moving on to download Spotify lists we will answer this question. Yes, indeed, the method we will teach you does not imply any cost. This is stimulating, since you cannot always afford a premium account on Spotify.

And being the same an indispensable requirement to download the lists, it becomes impossible. Fortunately for you, there is a free alternative. You can use it without fear, because it offers the same quality as if you did it from Spotify.

2. Steps to follow

In order to download Spotify lists we will need the help of a service known as “Soundiiz”. This will allow us to access the songs in order to export the selection to multiple playback platforms. For our guide we have decided to work with YouTube, for being the best known.


2.1 Part One

  • Enter the following link: From there you will have the possibility to access the Soundiiz functions.
  • The next thing you should do is log in. You will do this with two services: YouTube and, of course, Spotify.
  • A set of permissions will appear below. Approve them all, or Soundiiz will not be able to work fully.
  • Already within the page, the lists will be stored in boxes. Of all you have to click on the Spotify.
  • As soon as you see all your playlists, choose which one you want to download. Having done so, click on the arrow next to it.
  • Some export destinations will be displayed, that is, services to which you can send the lists. Naturally you must choose YouTube.
  • The service will allow you, if you wish, to modify the name of the list before exporting it. After having done it or not, click on “Export”.
  • The process will take according to the amount of songs. Next to each one, Soundiiz will tell you if it has already been exported.

2.2 Second part

  • To continue the process of downloading Spotify lists, log into your account YouTube.
  • Locate the playlist you have exported from Soundiiz. Right click on it to copy the link.
  • Go to This is an online page used to download the songs from the playlists of YouTube.
  • In the search bar that appears, right click and choose "Paste." In this way, you will be inserting the link from the list.
  • Click on “Load”, and wait for the process to complete. Then download the songs.

If this is long, we have other options to download music from YouTube for free

3. In what format are the songs downloaded?

With the method that we have shown you to download Spotify lists, only one format works: MP3. It is not something you can configure, because that is the extension with which the tool we use works.

Anyway, you are not in any danger with this. The MP3 format condenses all data perfectly. Consequently, the songs will not suffer a deterioration when downloaded.

4. Does it work only with a computer?

We have already pointed out that the tool downloads the list in MP3. Thus, it is possible that you use them both with your pc and with any device. You just have to connect the latter and save them in it.

Another option is to get another spotify and download it with aptoide

Downloading Spotify lists will no longer be a mystery to you. We hope that our guide will help you to enjoy those beautiful songs you love. Have fun listening to them without the need of the Internet!

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