Download the official Sony Xperia 5 wallpaper

by Kelvin
Download the official Sony Xperia 5 wallpaper

Sony has officially launched the compact version Xperia 1, called Xperia 5 and it will be available for purchase next week. Before launching to the public, you can enjoy all the official wallpapers from the mobile. All official funds can be downloaded directly to your phone or tablet with this tutorial. Japanese manufacturer launches Xperia 5 on September 5 in Berlin. Xperia 5 will display a 21: 9 aspect ratio like Xperia 1. Very little difference between the two devices. Instead of a 6.5 inch 4K OLED board, Xperia 5 use 6.1 inch OLED + FHD panel. This allows you to obtain a smaller physical footprint. Then Xperia 5 will be cheaper to buy compared to Xperia 1.

For the rest of the hardware, everything is identical between Xperia 1 and Xperia 5. The new phone integrates a three-camera module (16, 26 and 52 mm) with autofocus monitoring on the retina of the eye (Eye AF). In addition, it carries the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC plus 6 GB of RAM. For batteries, Sony chose the 3,140 mAh module which is pretty close to 3,300 mAh for Xperia 1. With this less greedy display, we can expect much longer battery life.


Sony Xperia 5 wallpapers looks like an Xperia 1 but they are different and have unique color combinations. Even though it doesn't have a 4K display, the wallpaper has a high resolution of 1096 × 2560, which is ideal for all modern displays.

Download Sony Xperia Wallpapers 5

You can see all the Xperia 5 wallpapers right below. If you want to download individual wallpapers, just right click on them and select save as. If not, get the full set by downloading the Xperia 5 ZIP Wallpaper bundle linked to the following.

If you want to download all wallpapers at once, you can use an attached ZIP file below.

To download: File Size: 14.12 MB

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