Download Time In Vivo for iOS and Android

by Kelvin

If you would like to see the weather live and direct this app will be your ally, since it is able to show the weather in real time with different animations. Along these lines we will tell you what you will get if you download Time In Vivo for your Android or iOS mobile.

To start, it is a free download, both on one platform and another, and to continue, we will say that it is a simple and intuitive sea application, so let's download it and explain what it offers us.


  1. Download Time In Vivo for Android


  1. Download Time In Vivo for iOS


Once you have the download done and the app installed, continue with the following steps to find out how the application works:

  1. When you first open "Time In Vivo", you must accept the Privacy Policy and the location access.
  2. On the next screen you must accept, or reject, the "personalized advertising".

Image - Download Time In Vivo for iOS and Android

  1. Next, different dialog boxes appear in which we must click on "Deny" or "Allow", whether or not we want to give that permission to the application. It should be said that, if some are not accepted, the app may not work.
  2. Then you will see a full screen ad where you are encouraged to subscribe to the premium option. Do not, do not click on "Try it for free", but you have to click on the black cross that appears in the upper right corner (almost not seen).
  3. Something similar will come out again where it offers you a special offer. Click on the white cross in the upper right corner.
  4. Once you have dodged all the ads, it takes you to the main screen of the app and shows you a kind of circular scheme or graphic with all the information.

Image - Download Time In Vivo for iOS and Android

  1. On the left, at the top, we have a radar that geolocates us on a world map.
  2. Beside the exact location written in letters.
  3. To the right of the whole, there is a gear. There we can change some settings of location, time format, notifications, etc. also the possibility of switching to premium, which we have already said are ads that appear in each corner of the app.

Image - Download Time In Vivo for iOS and Android

  1. In the bar below, you can see the forecast for the following days. Swipe up, and you will see all the forecast, curiosities such as the exact time at which the Sun or Moon rises, the tides, the wind speed, visibility on roads, UV rays, etc.

Image - Download Time In Vivo for iOS and Android

Ads will constantly appear for you to upgrade to the premium option, and you should know that it costs almost 13 euros a year, for the simple fact of not having advertising.

As you see, The time in Vivo, is a very versatile and easy to use app. At a glance, it shows all the information necessary to keep track of the weather, something that is perfect if a trip is being planned.

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