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by Kelvin
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Whatsapp Plus is a great application that has many more elements than the official version. In this article we will offer you some details about it, in order to make the decision to install it on your android device. We ask you to read the information we bring you well. We start with the following:

WhatsApp Plus features

WhatsApp Plus features


In the first place, this network, as we expressed earlier, appeared to give users more entertainment possibilities. On the other hand, You get it for free, easy and fast.

Thus, it offers the opportunity to share photos and videos as the official version, although in an improved way; In addition to providing you with a more extensive number of emoticons that you can publish in your messages, including files with great quality.

Also, among the features that stand out: you can hide your status, for example. That is, nobody can know if you are connected or not.

What devices can this application be installed on?

On which devices can you download Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus can only be downloaded on android devices. It is necessary to know that this application is not yet available for iPhone. You may never be able to obtain it on that type of smartphone, due to disagreements between companies in the presence of this new application.

How to get it?

First, to get Whatsapp Plus on your android device, you must uninstall the official version, in this case Whatsapp, of your smartphone. Do not forget that in any way, because if you do not, you will not be able to install the tool that we have commented. In addition, you must have the following android version: 2.2.

Moreover, it is necessary to download APK. From that application, you can get Whatsapp Plus without any problem. So, make sure that tool is the real one, because there are fake versions that you could get, and that would alter your smartphone system.

In short, you can acquire this excellent network in an easy, free and fast way. Remember that you must uninstall the official version, and extract Whatsapp Plus from the application that we have previously added. In this way, you can have endless entertainment possibilities on your android device.

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