Dr. Mario World is far from being the success Nintendo expected

by Kelvin
Dr. Mario World

The latest game that the Japanese giant has put on the market for mobile devices. Dr. Mario World, just turned a month in the market but unlike other titles of the console manufacturer, the figures indicate that it is still far from the expectations that the company could initially have.


As we informed you a week after the launch of Dr. Mario World, both on Android and iOS, the game had been downloaded on 5 million devices and generated more than $ 500,000 in revenue, so they pointed out that the thing was going well. But The latest figures point to the opposite.

Dr. Mario World downloads and earnings

According to the data published by Sensor Tower, who is responsible for monitoring the download of applications and games as well as the expense that users make, after one month of the launch of Dr. Mario World, Nintendo's game has been downloaded 7.5 million times, generating a total of 1.4 million dollars through the different purchases integrated within the application.

According to this media, 55% of purchases ($ 770,000) that have been made through the game they come from japan. Next we find the American market with a collection of $ 462,000.

If we compare these figures with other releases, This Nintendo title becomes the worst of all the releases the company has made, being surpassed by Super Mario Run. The Nintendo game that has generated the most revenue during the first month of availability has been Fire Emblem Heroes. However, the most downloaded game during its first month in the game stores of both iOS and Android is and remains Super Mario Run.

The next launch planned by the Korean company is Mario Kart Tour, although the different betas that it launched a few weeks ago, it has earned a large number of criticisms, both the monetization system and the gameplay of the same, which has forced the company to delay its launch.

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