Draw of MacX Video Converter Pro: 1000 free copies per day

by Kelvin
Draw of MacX Video Converter Pro: 1000 free copies per day 1

Convert and edit videos for iPhone with MacX Video Converter Pro for Mac

The number of multimedia formats that circulate on the Internet is very high. Video, music, photographs, pages that host videos such as YouTube or Vimeo … Formats and more formats that players need to be able to see, hear and hear them. On the one hand, almost all devices can play video and audio, such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones such as the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus, tablets such as iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini. On the other, each of them plays digital files with format limitations, which would be an obstacle to watching movies in different formats on your cell phones freely. The good thing is that you can easily solve the problem with MacX Video Converter Pro.

Christmas is at the doorstep and we partner with Digiarty to give away the MacX Video Converter Pro (Mac versions and Windows) to our audiences. You can get a free license for this video converter program from today to December 28, which normally sells for $ 49.95. Except for the possibility of being able to update for free afterwards, what you will gain with this offer is that it is a free version that has all the features of the paid version. If you think that free updating for life is very important, you can also visit the special holiday offer page to purchase the full version of MacX Video Converter Pro or MacX DVD Ripper Pro (program to make a DVD copy) at a Favorable price and could enjoy discounts for parties.

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Draw of MacX Video Converter Pro: 1000 free copies per day 2

MacX Video Converter Pro is a video converter for Mac OS X with which you can convert any type of digital video or audio format to the format you need to adapt it to the device where you are going to play it. With a number of video codecs greater than 350, among which 4K UHD, MKV, MP4 and AVI, and audio codecs such as MP3 that exceed 50, watch movies on a mobile device or listen to the music of a video from Youtube you like will not be a problem. The application is available in Spanish and is very intuitive, so starting to convert videos or music will be a matter of a few minutes.

The MacX Video Converter Pro screen

The working screen of MacX Video Converter Pro has a very simple and clear structure so that converting multimedia files is a very simple process. At the top of the window you will find a bar with icons to select the type of file you want to use to convert it to another format. You can use videos, images to create a presentation with sound, a YouTube video or from any of the more than 300 sites that host videos, the camera of your laptop or the capture of the movements you make of your desktop, for example, to create tutorials. To the right of the central part is a display area of ​​the file format that you have chosen to convert.

Choose the type of file you want to work with in the program's icon bar. Some of the options, such as video recording and desktop capture, they will force you to record the video at that moment to be able to convert them, later, to the file format you want. Others, such as capture a video from a video site like YouTube, it will ask you to insert the link of the video you want to download and convert to your computer. The file or files you have chosen will appear on the main screen. Click on the clapperboard to change the output settings for the video you want to get.

MacX Converter Video Pro has more than 350 predefined conversion profiles for devices Apple, Android and Windows. You can also convert to Windows Y extract the sound of videos from Youtube or Vimeo, for example, to mp3 format to be able to use it in a music player. Transfer your videos to Google formats to host them on YouTube. Convert videos for use on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, on the iPad Air 2, on Android tablets and also on the Surface Pro 4 among others. And don't forget that you also have the profile for the new iPad Pro to take advantage of the big screen of this device.

If you are not convinced by the predefined formats, you can choose the format that you consider both video and sound. The number of possible combinations sure covers your conversion needs without problems. Once you have chosen the output format, click on the Run button on the right side so that the whole process begins. A file with the desired format will be created in the output folder you have chosen. You just have to connect your device and pass, with iTunes or any other program you use to synchronize, the file you want to see.

Draw of MacX Video Converter Pro: 1000 free copies per day 3

With support for Intel's hardware acceleration technology (known as Quick Sync Video) after the latest update, MacX Video Converter Pro achieves significant progress in conversion speed, so you can convert UHD, HD and SD videos into NO.1 speed, 16X faster than before. Better yet, the quality of the same as the original file is maintained. One of the features you will most appreciate will be the creation of videos from photographs. Choose the photographs you want, indicate how long you want to visualize each one, what transitions you want to use, put music on and in a few minutes you will have a professional presentation that will leave everyone speechless.


MacX Video Converter Pro is a great easy to use video converter for Mac (Captain incl.). You can download, convert, record and edit videos, create photo slideshows, capture your computer quickly with almost no loss of quality. No matter if you are a video addict or not, MacX Video Converter Pro is an indispensable tool on your Mac. Download the free copy by visiting the raffle page while it is available. Merry Christmas!

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