Dropbox, a smart way to store information

by Kelvin

Dropbox, a smart way to store information 3

Dropbox It consists of a service for save files in the cloud. This service allows users to save and synchronize information online and with other computers. It also allows you to share folders and files with mobiles, tablets and other users that use Dropbox. It has two versions, one free and one paid with various options. Best of all, it has a mobile app that is available for various operating systems, including: iOS, Androis, Blackberry and Windows Phone Would you like to know how does this service work Which already has more than five hundred million records?

How Dropbox works

When you use the customer service of Dropbox, you can save any kind of file in an assigned folder. The file will be synchronized in the cloud and on the different computers that the client has. Once the file has been entered in a folder Dropbox It can be shared with other users, accessed through the web portal or shared through a direct download link. The user can also record the files manually using a web browser.


Dropbox to save files in the cloudIn a nutshell, Dropbox It is a service to store information but mainly focused on sync and share The different files stored. It also has a system to save data using the USB port.

Types of accounts in Dropbox

Dropbox he offers you three kinds of accounts:

  • The first known as Free, is free.
  • The second option is Pro, is pay. You must cancel $ 9.99 every month.
  • Finally the business or Business, also for payment. From $ 795 per year, it varies according to the number of members.

Types of accounts in DropboxYou may be able to register through a link or referral of a user, this registration form gives away 500 MB free apart from the 2 GB of the free account. If the Free account link uses limits greater than 20 GB per day or more than 200 GB in the case of the Pro and Business account, then they are automatically suspended.