Drunk Letter HD Review

by Kelvin
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You may have never heard of Nabuk Electronics, and I don't judge them, they are a relatively new Chilean brand on the market, who settled in late 2014 with their first e-book, called Lux.


Thanks to them today We bring you the first electronic book that we will analyze in Paperweight: La Resaca Carta HD, e-reader is quite interesting because Android says it's on it.

In addition, Nabuk Carta HD offers a very elegant design and an attractive technical specification sheet, which also strives to be the most powerful electronic book on the market. Without anything else added, let's start this review:

Technical details of the tested unit

Manufacturers and models

Drunk Letter HD Review 2

– Drunk Electronics– Letter HD – N03– Initial state: new


– E-Ink – 6-inci size: 1024 × 758 pixel resolution


– Dual core processors, respectively 1.0 GHz – 512 MB RAM memory – 8GB internal storage – Can be expanded with MicroSD cards up to 32 GB – WiFi connection – 3,000 mAh battery: Android 4.2.2 operating system


– 158 x 118 x 8 mm – Weight: 196 grams – Not waterproof

Design and quality go hand in hand

Honest I didn't know much about what to expect from this device when I got it, because my experience with electronic readers became Kindle of the Amazon. Luckily Hangover Letter HD quite equivalent to that Kindle White paper, it is just that it is a little more plastic than the previous one.

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Regarding the design in general, we deal with small dimension devices, which is also good enough to hold it with one handThis is also due to its mass of 196 grams, which is relatively small compared to other devices in the same category.

HD Letter presents the unibody format, that is, Has a display mounted directly on the chassis, unlike others, where there is a small gap between the screen and the edges. This is a small detail, but it looks pretty good It also allows the edges to be a bit smaller.

This device has a total of four buttons., a type of start button located at the bottom of the front and two more to change pages on each side of the screen. The last one is the lock / unlock button located on the top of the device, along with the micro-USB port and micro-SD card slot, while the rest of the song is completely empty.


The Hangover Letter HD It has a 6-inch E-Ink front panels, whose resolution is 1024 x 758 pixels. A few days ago I made a post explaining how electronic ink screens work, but as a summary I tell you that most of them are very similar.

The fact that it's one with the E-Ink format does it alone it looks pretty good in all the situations we find ourselves inAnd if we add backlight to read in times where the light is quite low, they make the overall experience pretty good.

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Yes In my opinion, the Paperwhite panel is slightly better than this; This has a better definition, while gray and black look "purer" than in Nabuk. Mind you, I just mentioned it, but This does not mean that the HD Letter screen is bad, quite the opposite.

Function and performance

As you can read in the introduction, Hangover Carta HD has Android 4.2.2 as the operating system. It's very clear we are faced with an interface that is customizable and easy to use, which has a main menu that works as our digital library, in addition to having a section where we can see all the downloaded applications.

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What if go with Google Play Store included, so that we can download our favorite applications on this device. I assure you that I have never enjoyed reading so much TwitterIt is certainly a sublime experience and interesting enough to do with an electronic ink screen.

Yes Don't think that you can install and run all the applications in the world., because the device, or another electronic reader, does not have a main specification sheet. We found the basics for running an operating system and some lightweight applications.

Speaking of performance, Nabuk offers a satisfying experience in this section. It is not faster or slower than the others., and the only thing I found is that by default the feature is turned on and it completely turns off the device after some time of inactivity. Process start It is slow, like most, and sometimes takes more than a minute to start. I recommend disabling this feature not to turn on the device every time we want to read.

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Usually the device responds quite well to some basic tasks, like opening an application or surfing the Internet, but I don't think it's useful for watching videos, images and multimedia consumption in general, because the screen refresh rate is not the fastest. Yes I think the system can be optimized a little bit better, because it does not always respond in the best way; In that regard, I prefer our own operating system, which is better suited to what the device can offer.

HD charts support a variety of reading formats, among which we find Adobe DRM, MOBI, ePub, PDF, DOC and a large amount, which is highly appreciated if you handle multiple files and documents with different formats. Yes I recommend checking well If what they transfer or download to your device matches the text, otherwise the electronic reader will NOT match what appears, such as images with text.

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Finally, it was mentioned that drunk including over a thousand preloaded digital books, among which we find several novels, classic fairy tales, essays, including; All clear with their respective original licenses, if interested, this is a complete list. Too we have direct access to the DIBAM Digital Public Library – Only for Chilean users, where we can rent, order and download free digital books for several weeks, so there will be no reason not to read with this device.


Our protagonist has a 3,000 mAh battery, and as I mentioned in the guide mentioned above, Electronic ink screens are quite efficient in terms of energy consumption.. In fact, consumption is only done when we navigate through the menus and change the pages, while we are clearly connected to a WiFi network.

The autonomy sent by the device is relativeBecause it is something that depends a lot on the use that is given daily. Typically, it lasts at least about five days with relatively heavy use.. In my case, I usually read when I am away from home, and in very limited time intervals, but several times during the day, so I rarely see myself surfing the Internet on this device.

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At the time of writing, Surat HD still has a 20% battery available, and the last maximum load was made about three weeks ago, which is approximately equivalent to the average spending between 3 and 5 percent every day, which is not bad, although anyone can draw conclusions about it.


Being the first electronic book that I use outside the ecosystem Amazon, Hangover Carta HD is quite satisfying to me in terms of overall experience. It is beautifully designed and built, while the backlit display provides good quality reading at any time of the day.

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It's clear Its main comparative advantage is its operating system, which is neither more nor less than Android. This undoubtedly gives the device great added value, because it allows breaking barriers that slightly limit the functionality of e-books. Believe me, it is very easy to read applications like Twitter, Facebook or surf the Internet directly from an electronic ink screen.

It is appreciated that it is well adjusted for the format, but of course it doesn't have a little optimization. This is not a hundred percent experience fluid, and there are times when it takes more than a touch to react. This is not something that really prevents the user experience, but these are the details that I should mention.

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Although, well, we can close our eyes because, on the other hand, and as a great advantage Kindle-, be national product, We will have the possibility that, if the possibility exists, we can immediately use the official technical services, without having to go through a tedious forwarding process or very restrictive policies that do not allow you to make changes or deliver products. Without a doubt, it will be a determining point for some people.especially for them hand ax or for those who have children, etc.

Honest I am very happy to have tried a device that is part of my daily life, manufactured and designed by Chileans, for Chileans.. Drunk Carta HD is a sign that you can give an immoral face to the giants that dominate the market, with devices that practically meet everything you can ask for.


Well where can I buy this device?

Hangover Carta HD can be found at TuGadget.cl with a CLP price of $ 99,990Even if you want to buy it for the cap, the complete package costs around ten thousand pesos more, while the cap only sells for around CLP $ 12,990.

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Do you like this review and the device? If so, I hope you behave well, because maybe we can give it to you, so stay here!

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