DxOMark: test for night photos and wide angle

by Kelvin
DxOMark: test for night photos and wide angle

DxOMark, the famous portal that reviews phones and digital cameras, has added two new categories that interest the night photos and those taken with wide angle: it's Night and Wide.

DxOMark: here are the Night and Wide tests

For the category Night (Night), DxOMark will analyze the images taken when the light levels are between 0 lux and 20 lux. It will examine the scenarios with flash-off, flash-on and flash-cars and will also perform a night mode test dedicated to smartphones that have this feature.


Thanks to improved image sensors, faster lenses and computational imaging methods, today's smartphones are much more adept at capturing photos in low light than previous generations. To reflect this trend in our tests we have developed the new night test protocol, for which we capture a variety of scenes in low light conditions in real life, including nocturnal urban landscapes, portraits in low light conditions and shots in conditions of poor lighting, with flash in on mode, flash-off and auto-flash. If a smartphone has a dedicated night mode, we also test that one.

DxOMark: test for night photos and wide angle 4

For the score Wide (Wide angle), the company will examine phone shots taken on landscapes and in cities, group photos, interiors, wide-angle close-ups and architectures. DxOMark will test samples in the 50-1,000 lux range and between the shortest focal length and the maximum focal length, with samples taken with an increase of 2 mm for each iteration.

DxOMark: test for night photos and wide angle 5

The changes also had repercussions on several tests already carried out and the DxOMark team reported that for some terminals already evaluated the judgment of the photographic module was modified, considering also the new two classes.

DxOMark: test for night photos and wide angle 6

According to the new ones general rankings, as we can see in the diagram attached above, Huawei P30 Pro has surpassed the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G by one point and the Lenovo Z6 Pro has climbed two rankings. To excel is the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.