Dying Light 2 offers new details about the map size and the use of Ray Tracing

by Kelvin

One of the most anticipated games by many users is the new Techland project, Dying Light 2. The saga that evolved the concept proposed in Dead Island wants to be one of those games that shows that jump between the first and the second installment. Recently we had a contact with your gameplay, exposing news related to the gameplay, player progress and consequences to the decisions. But now we must attend to more concrete information, where Dying Light 2 offers new details about the map size and the use of Ray Tracing.

And is that Dying Light 2 It was presented during Gamescom 2019 as one of the games that will support Nvidia technology. And precisely, addressing that issue, the head of Techland technology has been interviewed, Pawel Rohleder, on the Nvidia GeForce YouTube channel.


An interview that exposes certain interesting information about Dying Light 2 such as those related to the size of the map and the use of Ray Tracing. Addressing the aspect relative to the size of the map, Rohleder comments that they have sought to make Dying Light 2 be bigger than Dying Light Up to what point? Up to four times larger in the words of the head of technology. Those who have played the first game will know that the map offered in Dying Light was of gigantic proportions, although it has not been qualified if this reference points only to the original game and not next to the expansion.

However, ensure that Dying Light 2 will offer a map up to 4 times larger than that of Dying Light It is an overwhelming fact. Not so much because of the extension data, but because it is a game where it's a dynamic map That will change based on our decisions. Regarding the use of Ray Tracing, you can see some really spectacular images in the gameplay shown in this interview. As he explains, he has sought to expose a world as realistic as possible and these tools of Nvidia related to Ray Tracing have allowed to reach new levels.

We will have to wait to have more specific information on the use of Ray Tracing in Dying Light 2, but it aims to be a game where lighting can offer a much deeper atmosphere, with play of light and shadow that could harbor terrifying moments, even of great beauty.

Dying Light 2 will have an ambitious decision system

Dying Light 2 is scheduled to arrive next year 2020, both to Xbox One, like Playstation 4 and PC.

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