Dynabook: Attack in the notebook market with Sharp and Foxconn in the back

by Kelvin
Dynabook: Angriff im Notebook-Markt mit Sharp und Foxconn im Rücken

The former PC and notebook division of Toshiba is called Dynabook and now comes from Sharp. Backed by the parent company Foxconn, these companies now have big plans. However, the roots should not be given up in favor of mass, but rather the best of all areas should be united in Dynabook.

Dynabook brings big visions to the IFA 2019. Toshiba's former PC and notebook division – in Japan, Toshiba's notebooks were called Dynabook for almost 30 years – which went all the way to Sharp, which in turn belongs to Foxconn, wants out of the huge To broaden the potential of new possibilities without abandoning one's own roots. Offensively, the manufacturer announces devices for 2021, the 8K displays from Sharp should combine with modern PC hardware. But until then there are still some intermediate steps.


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IGZO displays from Sharp for Dynabook notebooks

Sharp's IGZO displays are a cornerstone of the future strategy, especially in the notebook. Talking to ComputerBase at IFA 2019, Dynabook said direct access to the modern display has a significant impact. Business notebooks with a battery life of 17 hours are easier to realize, above all because of the energy-saving displays, because this is still the largest consumer in the mobile work equipment. Dynabook even mentions official numbers that are rarely heard: a modern 13.3-inch IGZO display consumes only 0.43 to 0.62 watts in full HD resolution at a brightness of 150 cd / m². Many of the new notebooks are advertised with up to 500 cd / m², the power consumption is slightly higher, but this shows that power-saving panels under one watt of consumption already available, although not yet widely used.

Class instead of mass despite parent company Foxconn

Foxconn, as a parent company of Sharp and therefore also Dynabook does not mean that the brand is completely converted to large volumes and low-priced products. Although Foxconn as a contract manufacturer for almost every electronics manufacturer in the world has all options for this, but Dynabook wants to preserve the built-up with Toshiba. These include, in particular, small series and more configuration options for customers, as they offer many other major notebook vendors in the market, because Sharp has taken over all manufacturing facilities for Dynabook. Even the well-known in the business sector for many years, one year "Reliability Guarantee", in which Dynabook the notebook repaired in the warranty case not only free, but also refund the purchase price, should be continued in the future, since the default rates are so low that this still counts for the company.

But only premium will not work in the future at Dynabook. The Portégé and Tecra notebooks are currently available in various sizes, while a new 15.6-inch Tecra model is added to the portfolio and will be available from October onwards at 1,199 euros. A matte IGZO display with up to 470 cd / m², 17 hours of battery life, a magnesium housing and MIL-STD-810G certifications are the flagship of the 1.35 kilogram device.

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Due to the strong competitors in the end customer market around ThinkPad & Co. as well as the large OEM manufacturers HP and Dell, Dynabook wants to be active in the niche and to further expand it. For example, Lenovo is flooding the market with ever new ThinkPads and now also many new yogas, which cover everything from low-cost consumer variants to so-called prosumers to the classic business segment – and are barely manageable for non-professionals. Also Dynabook will make at least in the direction of Prosumer more, the company said to the IFA, but not equal to this mass. Already in the coming months, the manufacturer wants to introduce new products on a regular basis.