E-Tron is the first electric car to win the maximum safety award

by Kelvin
Audi IIHS Tesla E-Tron Award

E-Tron is the first electric car to win the maximum safety award 2

Electric cars have been able to conquer the market in a unique way. In addition to the engine and battery technology, they have focused on other safety areas, especially for passengers.

The agencies that evaluate these vehicles seek to find faults and improvement points. Therefore, consumers can know what they are buying and the degree of security. Audi, with the E-Tron, has just received a maximum safety award, making it the first tram to have this distinction.


E-Tron received a security award

The most recent safety assessment of the Audi E-Tron was the Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS). This private nonprofit organization evaluates and tests the cars that are in the North American market. Your evaluation is considered reliable and reference in the automotive environment.

After an unsuspecting start, the Audi E-Tron managed to get a high score in the tests performed. Therefore, this electric car was able to obtain the TOP SAFETY PICK + rating, the highest awarded by the IIHS. Upon receiving this award, the E-Tron becomes the first tram to have this qualification.

Audi has built an excellent electric car

The good results of this evaluation are mainly the result of exemplary performance in the "impact resistance" category. This is the biggest distinction that IIHS offers and also one of the main approaches in its tests.

In addition, its automatic emergency braking system worked very well, preventing accidents at 40 km / h. He was also able to reduce the speed of this car very efficiently to help prevent more accidents in the tests performed.

Tesla cars not yet rated

E-Tron managed to beat the competition, but with some important details in this case. Tesla only has the Model S qualified and has questioned the form of evaluation by not receiving the maximum score. After that, there were only a few specific tests with Model 3, and the evaluations are still ongoing. Model X has not been evaluated.

This award is a great incentive for the E-Tron. Its launch was delayed several times and even the imprisonment of the brand's CEO brought problems. Therefore, it has an award that distinguishes it from the competition and elevates it in this market.

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