Each employee of the Apple listened to about 1000 Siri recordings

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Apple Siri gravações conversas assistente virtual

Even though all the big companies do, from Microsoft to Google and ending in Apple, the theme has raised concerns. Indeed, the Cupertino giant was also practicing it, although it has now removed the human factor in the analysis, handling of conversations and recordings of virtual assistant Siri.

Did you know that every day every employee of the Apple Could you hear up to 1000 recordings captured by Siri?

Apple  Siri recordings conversations virtual assistant

Between legitimate requests to the virtual assistant as well as accidental activations of the same. Regardless of the causes, it is certain that Siri captures millions of conversations every day. Of these, a fraction is later selected for analysis to help improve the whole functioning of the assistant itself.

Siri's recordings and conversations

Being the Apple One of the technologies most concerned with the privacy of its users, as soon as the case came to light, soon changed its conduct. That is, ultimately removing the human factor from Siri's improvement program. In fact, an example that is being followed, at least in part, by others.

Now according to the Irish Examiner, The American giant set serious goals for its employees. Something that helps us understand the extent of a known phenomenon in its content but not in its practice. It is therefore here that these numbers allow us to begin to understand this process.

In each workday, each employee of the Apple, listened to about 1000 Siri recordings. The report was advanced by a former worker, in statements to the aforementioned source. Thus, we finally learned what was expected of everyone who provided their services to US technology.

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THE Apple already put an end to the practice

The statements were made by a former employee whose contract was terminated a few weeks ago. A direct consequence of the readjustment of the data processing policy by the Apple. See also that last July the The guardian would expose this practice as well as its vicissitudes and potential problems.

At issue were, above all, the recordings made by mistake. Instances in which the virtual assistant was activated for some reason without the user knowing and would eventually record the conversation. Something that resulted in human collaborators listening to sensitive conversations, some of which Siri lapsed.

The July report also pointed out that the collaborators listened to several intimate details. Here ranging from medical information to intimate confessions, to various conversations. The practice was, however, terminated by the company after the case received worldwide attention.

The transcript of conversations and recordings

It was further advanced that Apple has ceased its relationship with several service providers. Something that would result in contract openings being abruptly terminated. It was also from here that reports began to emerge as the advance of the Irish publication.

The layoffs caused by the end of the interest of the Apple in this data processing. More specifically, the analysis of recordings and conversations, as well as their transcription. Something that will be gradually replaced by automatic mechanisms for gradual improvement of the virtual assistant, Siri.

Still, it is still interesting to know how this industry worked. In 8-hour workdays, employees were expected to hear about 1,000 audio clips. So they had about 2 recordings to analyze every minute, this in a normal 8 hour shift.

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