Ecosia, the browser with which you help plant trees

by Kelvin
Ecosia, the browser with which you help plant trees

For a while now, one of the search engines that were unmarked from the rest has been Ecosia. And it is a service that offers a unique feature: plant trees for using your search engine. After several years in operation, they have managed to plant 65,600,000 trees and climbing, something that we can increase even more by downloading the Ecosia app on our devices.

The application is not a simple search engine, but a browser with which to visit our web pages, although the appeal is still in the Ecosia search engine itself with which the benefits are generated.


Ecosia is a simple, private and Adblock browser that also includes a private search engine.

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The browser itself does not have much mystery, in fact it's quite similar to Google Chrome and it has the basics that we could expect from a browser: from bookmarks to mobile payments, through notifications and the computer mode. Perhaps the most remarkable is your choice Quick Search with which we can use the Ecosia search from the notifications panel (Android only).

And as we said, there is the grace of Ecosia, in its seeker. When accessing it to make our queries, in addition to the results we will see the tree icon with a number that will refer to the number of searches we have done with Ecosia.

How many searches are necessary to plant a tree? According to the company, about 45 approximately. As we can read in your FAQ, Ecosia obtains benefits like any other search engine: through advertising.

Ads are provided by Bing -the Microsoft search engine- that pays Ecosia the benefit obtained with advertising. If we talk about numbers, Ecosia members need € 0.22 to plant a tree and for every click on the search engine advertising, they get € 0.05. Hence, about 45 searches are needed to plant a tree.

And for greater transparency, the company publishes its financial results every six weeks on his website.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Ecosia respects user privacy: Do not sell the data to third parties or advertising agencies. Nor do they track the websites that are visited, do not save searches and these are always encrypted with the SSL protocol.

And if that were not enough, it includes a Adblock with which to block the advertising of the websites. Of course, it also gives you the possibility of filter non-intrusive ads or those that you wish to include in your list.

You can download Ecosia on your iOS or Android devices

Ecosia could be the default browser of the average user who simply visits their web pages or searches the internet. It offers enough not to miss Google and its speed and stability are comparable to the rest.

Maybe for the more advanced they fall short, but no one else allocates the money they raise better.

Can download the Ecosia browser on both iOS and Android for free, and if you are more of a computer, you can use directly your search engine.

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