Eddie Redmayne Wants To Be The Villain Charade In The Batman

by Kelvin
Eddie Redmayne Wants To Be The Villain Charade In The Batman

Franchise Star Fantastic animals, the British Eddie Redmayne does not intend to follow only with the roles of good guy. In an interview for the IMDb During TIFF 19, the actor revealed a desire to play a famous villain from the Batman universe.

"Just to be clear, I would love to be the Charade!", He answered quite directly during a round of questions promoted at the festival in Toronto, Canada.


A fan of comics, Redmayne has for years shown interest in participating in a production about heroes. In 2017, he revealed that he auditioned for the roles of Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) and Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Other versions of the villain on screen

Since the 1960s, some actors have taken on the role of Edward Nygma's alter ego. In the classic sixties TV series, the villain was played by Frank Gorshin; already its latest version was represented by Cory Michael Smith in Gotham (2014-2019).

His last film appearance came in Batman Forever (1995). Comedian Jim Carrey was the one who brought the character to life and formed a duo of villains alongside Tommy Lee Jones as Two Faces.

Two Guys (Tommy Lee Jones) and Charade (Jim Carrey) are the "Batman Forever" (1995) villain duo. (Source: IMDB / Disclosure).

Batman's new movie

A new Batman movie is in production and will star Robert Pattinson. And filmmaker Matt Reeves himself has already fueled rumors that one of the possible villains will be the Riddler.

If there was no conflict of agendas, this would be an excellent opportunity for Redmayne to fulfill her wish. Unfortunately, the feature film shootings should occur around the same time as the filming of the third feature film. Fantastic animals.

The batman is scheduled to open in June 2021 while Fantastic Animals 3 expected to hit theaters in November 2021. Both are Warner Bros. productions. Pictures

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