Edge 91, Microsoft wants to impose “Bing”? No it’s a bug – GinjFo

by Kelvin
Edge 91, Microsoft wants to impose "Bing"?  No it's a bug - GinjFo

Microsoft Edge 91 is now launched but not everything goes as planned. Some users come across a rather annoying problem.

The arrival of Microsoft Edge 91 is nothing but happy. Several reports describe an annoying bug. The installation of this version comes with a notification asking whether or not to use the recommended browser settings. For a reason still unknown in certain cases it does not cease to appear.

Microsoft is aware of the situation and an investigation is underway. The case is causing a stir because the idea of ​​an attempt to impose the Bing engine on users of Windows 10 has been put on the table. Indeed, adopting the recommended settings automatically configures Bing as the default search engine.


Microsoft Edge and the “Recommended Settings” notification

On this subject the giant is clear by specifying in its notification “Use the browser settings recommended by Microsoft – default search engine: Microsoft Bing”.

Microsoft Edge 91 and the option

Microsoft Edge 91 and the “Show feature and workflow recommendations” option

A fix to correct this bug is under study. Pending its publication, a solution seems to have been found. It goes through a little manipulation in the advanced settings of the browser. You just have to block the appearance of recommendations in Edge. The option is located at this address


About him the giant explains

This notification concerns only the version Windows from Microsoft Edge.

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