El Capitan, the features of the new OS X for Mac

by Kelvin
El Capitan, the features of the new OS X for Mac 1

Apple introduces the new features of OS X El Capitan

One of the most interesting news presented at WWDC 2015 is the new version of OS X El Capitan for Mac computers, the new operating system for computers that will arrive free to all compatible Mac devices. It is now available for developers, the public beta starts next July and the official launch will be during the fall. To upgrade to El Capitan, when available, you just have to download the package directly from the Mac App Store and start enjoying the many new features that this new operating system brings Apple.

El Capitan, the features of the new OS X for Mac 2

A more organized desk

One of the new features of OS X El Capitan is to quickly organize the display of open windows on the desktop. With a quick swipe all open windows will be automatically organized to see the content cleanly, without complications.


Bookmarks in Safari

Now when bookmarking favorite sites in the version of Safari for Mac and they will appear with a more attractive visual style, similar to that of a small square label under the address bar so that accessing a certain website is much faster and more elegant, without having You navigate between endless lists of tags or bookmarks.

Split screen on the desktop

This new mode will automatically adjust two applications to work with them simultaneously and on a split screen, without having to manually change the size of the windows to fit on the monitor.

El Capitan, the features of the new OS X for Mac 3

Rich Notes

For lovers of Evernote and similar programs, the new OS X Notes as well as those of iOS 9 now add new functions, from interactive lists to drawings, with new tools to add images, videos and synchronize all your notes between different devices Apple.

Mute tabs

If you have many tabs open and one is making noise from any of the loaded elements (video, music player, advertising, etc.), now you can mute it independently to continue browsing comfortably and without the sound of bothering you during the navigation.

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Metal for Mac

Now Metal is no longer only for iOS. Video game developers can design games for Mac using Metal technology to achieve a 50% speed increase thanks to such technology for Mac graphics processors.

Content search improvements

Now Spotlight uses a more colloquial language and users can search for information on the Internet and also on the computer using common phrases, such as "cake documents I wrote last month." The level of search optimization is one of the great advances proposed by the new OS X El Capitan.

El Capitan, the features of the new OS X for Mac 4

Post and Map Improvements

From the use of gestures to control different aspects of your emails to new features added to the Maps such as indications for public transport routes. Apple It works to make this new Mac OS X version a true utility tool for travelers and for the user in general.

Big cursor

It never happened to you that you can't find the cursor when you wake up your Mac's screen? Now the new OS X El Capitan enlarges the cursor temporarily by activating the screen so you can find it quickly.

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