Elite Dragonfly HP

by Kelvin

HP Elite Dragonfly arrives when HP excels at ultrabook gaming with the Specter x360 line, but Dragonfly is a business laptop, so there's no crossover, right? Wrong, and HP knows it.

HP Elite Dragonfly is a company that is reimagining its line of commercial laptops, but a strong marketing campaign is also making it a consumer laptop. That's not surprising considering Dragonfly is stylish enough to compete with the Dell XPS 13 and lightweight enough to handle the LG Gram line. So is this the perfect CEO laptop, or is HP accidentally creating a consumer Ultrabook competitor?


First, you may have heard a noise about HP Elite Dragonfly G2 which has built-in mosaic function. This review is an original device released in late 2019, but take a look at our G2 review that comes with Tile when the time comes.

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HP Elite Dragonfly Design – Business-Ready Happiness

The design of the HP Elite Dragonfly is no less beautiful. It must be one of the most attractive commercial laptops of all time. If you are a fan of MacBook, this is the best alternative to Windows-Engine what you can take.

Elite Dragonfly HP 1

HP Elite Dragonfly is made with a magnesium chassis, ensuring that the device is very light and does not neglect durability. You will hardly see it in your bag, and while you want to care for this amazing device carefully, you won't worry about damaging the bumps on your journey.

This laptop is only available in one color, Dragonfly Blue, but thankfully it looks great. Rather navy blue, with an oleophobic coating that ensures the Elite Dragonfly matte coating remains fingerprint-free.

Dragonfly is also a two-in-one device, which uses all the flexibility that comes with it. In addition to the impressive appearance, this device is equipped with several unique technical features. Although a super light 13.3-inch laptop, Elite Dragonfly fits into a full-size HDMI port and a USB-A port, joined by two Thunderbolt USB-C ports and a headphone jack.

Elite Dragonfly HP

For a thin and light laptop, I was surprised by the performance of the Bang & Olufsen speakers. The speakers are super strong and offer exceptional bass for devices like this.

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HP Elite Dragonfly keyboard and touchpad – get a job

The consumer-friendly cousin of HP Elite Dragonfly, the HP Specter x360 13, has one of the best laptop keyboards. Unfortunately, the Elite Dragonfly keyboard isn't all that great, but that doesn't mean it's not the best quality.

It has a "2x quieter keyboard" and actually silent; So if that's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed. However, "calm" seems to sacrifice the sense of touch it deserves.

Elite Dragonfly HP

Typing on the keyboard is a lot of fun, but after a while it starts to seem like the keys are hitting something hard enough, with little feedback offered when the keys are fully pressed.

Again, it's worth repeating that this keyboard is still very good, with composure worth the slight decrease in performance for some people.

Elite Dragonfly HP

Trackpad is not much to write at home. This is not the largest we've seen, but it is due to the small size of Dragonfly Elite and luckily it responds and works as expected.

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HP Elite Dragonfly display – sharp and clear

Elite Dragonfly's appearance is very impressive. This notebook delivers a crisp and brilliant 1080p experience with a beautiful 1812: 1 contrast ratio. You won't find a better thing in the modern Ultrabook offering.

Color accuracy is also solid, with a color range of 94.3% sRGB ensuring sharp images. Although we haven't seen the 4K model yet, HP's flagship consumer Specter x360 13 – has a beautiful 4K display, so you probably won't be disappointed.

Elite Dragonfly HP

HP Elite Dragonfly also offers a Sure View display option. When activated, it will erase the screen when you look at it from a wider angle, preventing nosy observers from seeing what they shouldn't see.

Our review model does not include Sure View, so we cannot fully support its functionality. However, we saw it in action during the demo and it seemed to work properly.

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Elite Dragonfly HP

HP Elite Dragonfly Performance – Gen-8 keeps increasing

If you're a strong user, the news that the HP Elite Dragonfly comes with a Gen 8th processor instead of Intel's current Gen 10 Lake Gen may cause you to walk away from this device. In practice, and at benchmarks, there is not much difference.

HP and Intel have good explanations for why Dragonfly is still stuck on Generation-to.8 processors, because it uses the vPro iteration. This architecture has not made the leap of the tenth generation, but it has many excellent security features to compensate for it.

Elite Dragonfly HPHP Specter x360 13HP EliteBook 745 G5
Geekbench 4 single core12811120899
Geekbench 4 multicore434345613220
PCMark 10436843553818

As you can see from the table above, Elite Dragonfly actually sees results that are very similar to HP's equivalent consumers, albeit Specter x360 13 using the latest 10-generation chip.

The use of my two devices largely reflects this tight contest. There's no device that stands out when used for everyday tasks, but the HP Specter x360 13 actually feels faster when running under a heavier load, like having up to 10 tabs open.

Integrated SSDs also deliver impressive speeds, matching Ultrabook with the best specs on the market, like the HP Specter x360 13 and 3 13 Surface Laptops.

For graphics performance, I was quite surprised by Elite Dragonfly's achievements. 8-Gen vPro processor in our review model managed to play Rocket League comfortably in Medium to High settings, and Fortnite also (although in a relatively low configuration). This laptop is far from a gaming laptop, but it is possible to dabble in some very basic titles.

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Features of HP Elite Dragonfly – Work benefits

Elite Dragonfly offers many security features created by HP to work with Intel vPro processors. While I'm not going to discuss most of them here, I do think it's worth tapping into that which may be useful to consumers who are currently running.

First, there are manual and physical webcam covers, always more practical than emergency sticky notes or other types of stickers. Elite Dragonfly allows both Windows Hello authentication via webcam and fingerprint sensor.

HP also offers several unique variations on the function keys on this laptop. Calendar, Airplane Mode, Answer Calls, End Calls, and Display Settings are quickly available from the top of the keyboard. This is very useful if you use it to do work tasks.

In addition, HP also includes various antivirus and security software that you can investigate if you wish.

HP Elite Dragonfly battery life – 9 up to 5 and then something

The battery life of this business laptop is one of its best features. Our 1080p review model was successful for 11 hours in our benchmark test, and this is used in real life as well.

Along with a long-lasting battery, HP can be recharged up to 100% in just one hour. This kind of battery statistics offers the most flexibility if you want the device to be used and used, which rarely happens on laptops with this level of performance.

Elite Dragonfly HP

Without trying it myself, I can't speak to the performance of the 4K model's battery life. However, because with most 4K magnifications, you can expect a significant contraction, usually around 3-5 an hour.

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Should you buy Elite Dragonfly HP?

There are two big caveats when it comes to Elite Dragonfly. First, the launch of the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is not far and will offer a 10th generation Intel processor along with an optional mosaic tracker and 5G support.

Then there is the price. If you're feeling a bit of a stretch (especially for Gen 8 processors) and want something similar, then there's the HP Specter x360 13. Other alternatives include Surface 3 laptops, which offers a better keyboard, 3: 2 display, and speakers are the same. bright

Having said all that, HP Elite Dragonfly is one of the most attractive laptops in the world today, so if its looks and other premium features interest you, then it's still a worthwhile purchase.

HP Elite Dragonfly is a business laptop that offers many benefits for the average consumer. However, the price is high and, as Elite Dragonfly G2 approaches, it is not easy to recommend. However, this does not eliminate the fact that this is a beautiful machine that can handle each and every productivity task you perform.

The HP Elite Dragonfly publication first appeared in Trusted Reviews.

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