Elon Musk remembers in his Twitter that Tesla patents are open to everyone

by Kelvin
Elon Musk relembra em seu Twitter que as patentes da Tesla são abertas para todos

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, remembered in his Twitter that all electric car company patents are open. This means that any developer who intends to build their own electric cars, or to resell them, can use the lines of code that are available from the company.

The announcement came shortly after a Chinese engineer was arrested forr steal the autonomous car base codes from the Apple. Musk published in his Twitter saying that "all our codes belong to you", which is the title of a post he made in 2014 on Tesla's blog.


He explains in this publication that all patents have been removed for the sake of open source movement and also "for the advancement of electric vehicle technology". Stating that Tesla will not be able to lessen the environmental impact of all cars built in the world by working alone.

"When I started with my first company, Zip2, I thought patents were a good thing and I worked hard to get them. And maybe they were good for a long time, but all too often these days just stifle progress, consolidate the positions of gigantic corporations and enrich legal professionals rather than real inventors. " – Elon Musk.

He also says that patents continued to be created so that major auto companies not steal the technology and promote themselves with what was developed by Tesla. This belief of the company never materialized, because in 2014 the number of manufacturers that invested in electric cars was less than 1%, over the years this figure does not seem to increase significantly.

Musk criticizes the attitude of continuing to use technology harmful to the planet to continue feeding the oil and fuel industries. The purpose of opening the code was precisely that other engineers could have access to information and contributed to the production of electric cars with less pollutant emissions, increased.

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