Emergency Assistance: see who receives the R$ 300 today (28)

by Kelvin
Emergency Assistance: see who receives the R$ 300 today (28)

Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) started to pay the first of four installments of the Extension of Emergency Aid, in the amount of R$ 300. Today (28), beneficiaries of the Single Registry with NIS end 8 can use the money from Caixa Tem. Workers who do not receive Bolsa Família, but who were born in october or november they can also use the money from today on the Caixa app.

The amount paid may vary up to R$600, in the case of mothers who are family providers. It is not possible to accumulate both benefits: if the amount of Emergency Aid is equal to or less than that of Bolsa Família, the beneficiary will only receive the latter.


To withdraw, simply use the card at ATMs at CEF branches, lottery outlets and Caixa Aqui correspondents, or even receive assistance via credit to a Caixa Fácil account.

Payment will follow the Bolsa Família program schedule, which runs until September 30, in the order of the Social Identification Number (NIS):

  • Day 17 (Thursday): Ending digit 1
  • Day 18 (Friday): Ending Digit 2
  • Day 21 (Monday): Final digit 3
  • Day 22 (Tuesday): Ending Digit 4
  • Day 23 (Wednesday): Final digit 5
  • Day 24 (Thursday): Final digit 6
  • Day 25 (Friday): Ending digit 7
  • Day 28 (Monday): Final digit 8
  • Day 29 (Tuesday): Final Digit 9
  • Day 30 (Wednesday): Ending digit 0

Emergency Assistance: Only until the end of 2020

Established in April to provide financial support to the low-income population and informal workers due to the damage caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, the emergency aid suggested by the government had an initial value of R$ 300 – upon being approved by Congress, it was increased to R$600 monthly (R$1,200 for mothers who are heads of households).

Emergency aid was initially released for just three months, but was eventually extended. For this stage, the government released R$ 4.3 billion, to be paid by December 31 of this year, regardless of the number of installments received by the beneficiary.

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