Emoji ++, a keyboard to manage Emojis on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8

by Kelvin

Improve iPad and iPhone Emoji management with Emoji ++

When Apple announced that iOS 8 would open the door to third-party keyboards We were very happy and it seems that the developers were waiting for this to happen. Since the operating system is available there are already a few keyboards that have appeared and now we must add one more: Emoji ++.

Emoji ++, a keyboard to manage Emojis on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 4

In this case the keyboard does not arrive to offer us new ways of typing on our iPhone or iPad, but it does so to improve something we have available for several versions of iOS: the Emoji keyboard.


It's no secret to say that Emojis keyboard of Apple It is somewhat awkward. The different categories of emojis are not well ordered (the emoji that identifies each category is not representative of what we find inside) and, in addition, to navigate through them it is necessary to do a lot of scrolling.

Emoji ++ comes precisely to end this chaos and put some order to the Emojis of our iOS devices. With this keyboard we can more easily locate the different icons thanks to their form of organization. Thus, for example, under the category identified with the icon of a koala we will find all the emojis related to animals and under the icon of the blue heart all those related to: love, relationships, couples …

A great alternative to the emoji keyboard of Apple

Emoji ++, a keyboard to manage Emojis on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 5

But this It is not the only function that includes the Emoji ++ keyboard. We also have a section showing the recently used emoji (as in iOS 8) represented by the clock and a favorite section identified with a red heart. We use them recently are automatically added to this section, while favorites can be added to this category simply with a long press of the emoji we want to include, as explained in MacStories.

It is certainly about an alternative keyboard to use the iOS 8 Emojis that many users will love. Also, if we consider that soon there will be more emojis available, it is very good to have a better way to manage them than the keyboard of Apple.

Emoji ++ is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It is necessary to have iOS 8 or later installed and has a price of € 0.89. You can access its file in the App Store from the following box:

Do you think Emoji ++ will be a success? Do you see it really necessary?