Energizer introduced two low-cost button smartphones on KaiOS

by Kelvin

At the international exhibition IFA 2019, the American company Energizer announced a pair of new functional phones called Energizer E241 and E214S. Both new items have the same design, but differ from each other in the aspect of cellular communication. The E241 comes with 3G support, and the E241S comes with 4G.



The Energizer E241 and E241S are equipped with 2.4-inch color displays, as well as the traditional T9 physical keyboard. Right below the screen is a round navigation key, which also serves as a call Google Assistant.

Both phones are running KaiOS. Gadgets use preinstalled apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and google maps. Energizer E241 and E241S support two SIM cards, Wi-Fi and GPS. In addition, both phones come with a main camera with LED flash and selfie camera.

The battery capacity is 1900 mAh. The battery life is 6 days in standby mode, 28 hours in talk mode and 9 hours in video playback mode.

Availability, colors, price

Energizer E241 and E241S are available in two colors: black and blue. The cost of the E241 with 3G support is € 29.99, the cost of the E241S with 4G connectivity is € 34.99. Both gadgets have an extended 3 year warranty. When the new items go on sale is unknown.

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