Energizer Introduces New Affordable Phones

by Kelvin
Energizer Introduces New Affordable Phones

At the IFA 2019, Energizer unveils two new phones, the E241 and the E241S. We can say that both phones are transitional phones located in the middle of an ordinary mobile phone and advanced smartphones.

Actually E241 and E241S The models come in exactly the same devices. The only differences are in the E241 model. 3G connection available in the E241S 4G connection be offered.

kaios operating phones feature phone category. In other words, these phones have been developed with the aim of closing the gap between mobile phones with almost no other features besides being able to make calls and smart phones with the latest technology features.


In KaiOS operating system, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Google Now and Google Maps applications come pre-loaded. Besides these kaistor to’Dozens of other applications are offered to users.

Energizer New Phones 2

As can be seen from the images, Energizer's new phones feature a traditional T9 keyboard and a non-touch 2.4-inch display. The center forwarding button can also be used to call Google Now.

On both phones Dual SIM card support, Wi-Fi, GPS and 6 days, 28 hours of talk and 9 hours of video. 1,900 mAhThere is a battery. Both front and rear cameras are equipped with a LED light at the rear. Black and blue Both phones come in an extended 3-year warranty with color options.

The E241 model with 3G is offered for sale at 29.99 euros (approx. 200 TL), while the E241S model with 4G is available for sale at 34.99 euros (approximately 220 TL). However, the information about where and when the phones will be sold has not been shared yet.

Energizer New Phones 3

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