Enjoy Deezer Premium for free quickly

by Kelvin

Enjoy Deezer Premium for free quickly 3

When we want to listen to music on our Android device we find that most applications require a prior payment. Deezer It is one of the best paid applications to listen to all kinds of music. But it is also available in its free Deezer Premium version. If you decide to install it, read on and you will learn how to do it.

Free Deezer Premium: Advantages

deezer premium has millions of songs

  • It has more than 53 million songs to listen to music (with advertising).
  • You can create your custom compilation with your favorite music
  • It allows you to share both your playlists and your music.
  • It offers original podcats and you can enjoy live radio.
  • The Flow function creates a playlist according to the style of the music you usually listen to. Creating a radio station adapted to your person.

To start enjoying Deezer Premium follow these instructions

First of all you should download directly from Google Play Store the application. After you have it installed, proceed to subscribe and choose Deezer Premium. You must provide information about your favorite genres, in addition to your favorite artists.

Deezer: Music, playlists or podcasts

Click "next" to go to the main screen. Then click "subscribe" again to show you all types of subscription. You must choose “Start your 30-day trial” and you can start using it. Finally, provide all the data for charging the app. But don't worry, as long as the free Deezer Premium trial period is in effect, you will not be charged.

Avoiding subscription charging is easy

Preventing your subscription from being charged is very easy. You just have to cancel before the deadline date. So, if you do not decide to buy it you must be very aware of the expiration date. If you go over the date, your account will be charged to your card.

There are many apps that have both paid version and free version and all give you a trial period. With this deadline, providers expect you to fall in love with their application and move on to the paid version.

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