Enjoy the weekend with free games that are generally …

by Kelvin
Enjoy the weekend with free games that are generally ... 1


What better plan for this hot weekend than to stay in the shade playing our favorite titles. And even more if we can get it for free, without spending euros, despite the fact that it is generally a paid game. Free games with different genres that you will definitely find that you like.


And as we talk about free games, big manufacturers like Oppo or Qualcomm are working to offer better and better mobile games on the market, which are increasingly similar to those found on desktop consoles.

Free Game, Cannon Master

A game with a clear retro influence, reminiscent of the shooters of the 80s and 90s. In this game we must protect a large cannon that must kill all the enemies that threaten our existence. The interesting thing about this game is the possibility of being able to fix it with more weapons and more damage to kill our enemies earlier, in a shorter time and with greater effectiveness.

Download Cannon Master

Stickman ghost

The classic on this list, the Stickman game, is arguably the most interesting when it comes to parallel action games. In this title, our character must also kill all the enemies that appear thanks to the different weapons and spells that we can collect on our track in the game, it has various graphics.

Download Stickman Ghost

Touchez Touchez fist

A game where our fingers are absolute protagonists, where we have to repeatedly press the screen as if there were no tomorrow, in order to be able to finish off the enemy and the final boss. A game where you can see on the screen dozens of characters and weapons that cross each other, creating a small disaster on the screen that is the best of the game.

Download Touchez Touchez Fist

Legend Guardians – Epic Hero Fighting Action RPG

Without a doubt, today RPGs are the majority in this compilation, the last ones are Legend Guardians, which offer us a different way of fighting, in the development of side battles, where some of our characters face hordes of enemies in waves successive.

Download Legend Guardians

Wild Tank Pro Edition

Today we finish with the only exception to this week's RPG, a game that offers us to fight with different tanks in the arena against other vehicles of this type. A game where we will relive some of the most important races of the Second World War, with their main tanks in contention.

Download Wild Tank Pro Edition

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