Enslaved from Ninja Theory reappears in the European Xbox store Soon in Game Pass?

by Kelvin
Enslaved from Ninja Theory reappears in the European Xbox store Soon in Game Pass?

Although virtually the digital format should allow us to have unlimited copies of a game, we have seen many cases that for various reasons a game is digitally discontinued, and disappears from stores and cannot be acquired again, or in the worst case not even downloaded plus. Titles like Alan Wake or many sports titles have had to leave the stores due to licensing problems, and although we don't know the reasons, this was the case of Enslaved, Ninja Theory title for Namco Bandai.

Although the title never ceased to be available in the United States, it does disappeared in 2018 from Asian and European stores. When he was included in the list of Xbox backward compatible games many thought he would return soon, but nothing happened. Today we can tell you that the title, and at least one of its DLCs are again available for purchase.


Does Microsoft plan to add Enslaved to Game Pass?

Whatever the problem for which Enslaved was removed from the store seems to have been resolved, and we cannot help thinking that Microsoft may have had something to do, in its manifest will that all the games of its studies, even those that are , or will be published by other publishers, available on Xbox Game Pass. It is true that the game and the IP are owned by Bandai, but neither does it seem very expensive or difficult for the Japanese publisher to grant the title in the Microsoft subscription.

We are pending a new announcement of more titles for Game Pass that would arrive this month, and this surprising appearance in the store is most suspicious. Hoping to hear very soon, those who have not tried the game and may be interested in acquiring it, you can do it here.

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