Entel dominates the mobile market and Movistar the landline

by Kelvin

Entel dominates the mobile market and Movistar the landline 4

As we already told you, yesterday the Undersecretary of Telecommunications (Subtel) delivered the latest data – until March – in the telecommunications market. As for the mobile market, this continues its trend and increased by 9.4%, reaching a total of 25,731,160 telephone lines.

Unlike the above, the fixed telephony market continues its sustained decline. Until March 2019 there were 2,926,462 fixed lines in Chile. Which represents a decrease of -7.1%. The Metropolitan Region has the most lines, 1,612,430. While the one with less is the Aysén Region of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo (11,350).


What has varied substantially is the market and the participation of the different companies. In this note we summarize the most important data.

Mobile telephony

As we already told you, mobile telephony continues to increase, and this is reflected in its 9.4% growth. This market It is dominated by the Entel company with a total of 7,909,743 subscribers, which represents 30.74% of the total. Followed by this is Movistar (27.61%), Claro (23.65%) and Wom that continues to grow and reaches a 16.01% stake. Closing the list we find VTR (1%), Virgin (0.8%) and Simple (0.1%).

Entel dominates the mobile market and Movistar the landline 5

If we talk about variation compared to March 2018, The company that grows the most in market share is Simple (67.2%), followed by Wom (52.4%), VTR (17.8%), Entel (4.3%), Claro (4.1%), Movistar (3.4%). On the contrary, the only company that decreases its market share is Virgin Mobile, a company that turned 7 years old in the country.

Mobile Internet

Market share also involves the mobile internet service. In this segment is again dominated by Entel with 32.5%Then comes Movistar (22.9%), Claro (22.1%), Wom (20%). Closing the list we find VTR (1.4%) and Virgin (1%).

Fixed telephony

Fixed telephony services is one of the segments that has declined in the telecommunications market. Like pay TV, fixed benefits continue their downward trend with -7.1% of subscribers to this type of lines.

Entel dominates the mobile market and Movistar the landline 6

The segment of fixed telephony is dominated by Telefónica companies, which has 40.2% of the market (same company that has lost more customers, -8.8%). It is followed by VTR with 19.8% of customers, Entel (17.4%), GTD (11.2%), and finally Claro (9.5%).

Fixed internet

If the internet is about, VTR is the leader of fixed internet services, with 38.8% of the market, followed by Movistar (30.6%), Claro (14.3%), GTD (8.1%), and finally Entel with 1.9%.

Source: Subtel

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