Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Music and Video Quality

by Kelvin

Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Music and Video Quality 1


On 1 In August, the Entel operator marks a milestone in the Chilean cell phone, being the first cell operator to offer Internet, minutes and SMS packages that are totally unlimited, impressing us all because it is something we have seen so far. .


Entel dares to offer two unlimited packages, one of which is called "Unlimited Package", which is valued at $ 32,990 and gives you unlimited Internet, minutes and SMS, but includes speed restrictions optimized for audio and video transmission. Then there is the $ 39,990 "Full Unlimited Package" that gives us unlimited internet, minutes and text messages, without any restrictions.

But many people are not clear about the restrictions in the "Unlimited Plan" of $ 32,990, because Entel only determines on its website the following: "This plan optimizes the quality of video and music to improve the experience, allowing viewing on the screen of your smartphone at the same time minimizing wait time or buffering, that is, using this data will allow you to watch videos in standard quality (SD, 480p or maximum speed 1 Mbps) and play music in standard quality (SD, maximum speed 0.3 Mbps) ", but it is still doubtful.

It was then that I came up with a good idea to behave at Entel, I tried this plan with optimization and therefore I evaluated the service and then I commented on my experience and explained the limitations applied in this plan.

Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Music and Video Quality 2


Since I am already a customer of another cell phone operator, I must use Number Portability to be able to test the service. So on Sundays 20th In August, I went to the Entel website, chose "Unlimited Package" from $ 32,990 and clicked on the "I want" button.

I immediately appeared showed up To request my phone number, I enter it and then 20 seconds my cell phone starts ringing. When a Chilean executive answered me, he took my data to carry out the portability process. He asked for information from my current operator, such as how much I paid and how many gigabytes and minutes I had … etc., and then the executive gave me a 20% discount for a year and no SIM card value, so in the end I will end up paying $ 27,000 each month.

Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Video and Music Quality 2 "width =" 511 "height =" 383

After the executives read my contract to me at the speed of light (as extraordinary as they did), they told me that on Tuesday the 22nd they would send my contract and SIM card to my address, and that it had to be transported on Thursday the 24th. month. . The process is no more than 20 minutes

On Tuesday, August 22, she arrived and around 5:00 p.m. 3:00 a night, a shipping clerk came to deliver my SIM (chip) card along with the contract and the SIM card, so there was no charge. In addition, through my email, the Entel operator informed me about the delivery status of the SIM card.

Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Video and Music Quality 3 "Width =" 4032 "Height =" 3024

On Wednesday morning, August 23, I realized that I no longer had cellular service with my old operator, so I managed to insert my Entel SIM card and have a service, with a 4G network, and then I received a welcome SMS. In conclusion, I was transported a day before what the executive said, which did not bother me at all, but luckily I had my Entel chip, because otherwise I would be without cell service because I thought they would bring me on Thursday, so look Entel that.


At 6:43 a.m. on August 23, I did my first speed test with the Speed ​​Test app on iPhone 7 Also, let me choose a test server automatically.

The result is:

Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Music and Video Quality 4 "Width =" 350 "Height =" 622

Almost 50 Mbps! I'm impressed because it comes from carriers whose latest 4G speeds don't top 8Mbps all the time, so 48.84Mbps of unlimited internet doesn't hurt at all. So far I am happy, even though the loading speed makes me ????

As the day went by, I did a lot of speed tests at various points in Santiago and most of them showed speeds between 25 and 50 Mbps all the time, even twice I exceeded speeds of 100 Mbps. Until it fell in some sectors (very few ) where there was only a 3G signal and the maximum speed I took was 32Mbps down the stairs of the Manquehue station on line 1 of the Santiago metro. I did another test in 3G and the speed always exceeded 10Mbps.

In this video, I will show you the notes made by the Speed ​​Test application of all my tests, both in 4G and 3G, so you can see the average speed that Entel has here at some point in Santiago and at the end of the video I made a test living on a 4G network.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lCMZp1kmmc (/ embed)


One of the "drawbacks" (for some) of having the cheapest package with unlimited Internet is YouTube You can only view content in 480p SD or lower quality. So obviously I have to test and verify if this is true or not.

This is why I took my computer and went to a Starbucks It is located right next to the Telefónica building in the center of Plaza Italia, one of the places where many people walk, and I started using Huawei P10 Plus as a modem to share the Internet (using 5 GHz Wi-Fi), etc. Perform various tests directly on the computer.

The first test is to see how you do it. YouTube With this unlimited package, I invite you to watch the following video:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ4dl2vzlWs (/ embed)

As you can see the speed is limited to just 1Mbps for ALL incoming traffic YouTube, both in the received and sent data, so if you decide to upload a video or do a live broadcast, that will also be limited.

And what happens when I watch videos on a smartphone?

Exactly the same, because videos can only be played correctly in maximum 480p quality. In application YouTube For Android, you can choose the quality manually at 480p, but if it has quality automatically, the video quality varies from 240p to 360p.

In the case of the iPhone unfortunately the application YouTube It is not possible to choose the quality manually when using a cellular network, so the quality will automatically adjust and in most of my tests the quality is always between 240p and 360p, but I never reach 480p.


Of course, we also want to test the Netflix service to see if the image quality is also limited or not, so we do the tests the same way as before and you will find the results in the following video:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKa75twY9pA (/ embed)

I also tried to connect the Play Station 3 via Wi-Fi to my iPhone and started watching Netflix to see the quality of what was accomplished by using Entel Unlimited Internet, and in fact the maximum reached was 0.72Mbps 480p.

Entel Reviews Unlimited Review Pack with Optimized Music and Video Quality 5 "Width =" 4032 "Height =" 3024

The same experience I got in the app. smartphones.


There are times when our beloved Chilean national team plays and we cannot come to our house to enjoy the game, or sometimes we cannot watch television programs or series, so we managed to use the signal directly through the transmission of national channels. .

Of course, I'm trying to connect to direct signals from TVN, Mega, Chilevisión and Channel 13 to see if the quality of the video is limited or not, and the answer impressed me:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Yqefk-89c (/ embed)

I also tried services like Dailymotion or VIMEO and the video quality works as much as possible, allowing the network.

Torrent test

Obviously not the idea, but those who want to download torrents using the unlimited Entel plan will not go away, so I started downloading the Ubuntu distribution using the uTorrent program and managed to download using 4G and also 4G +.

In the following video, you will know how the download will turn out:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB4grHHuIRk (/ embed)


As a final test that we will do, we are testing the famous music streaming application that we know as Spotify to see if we can listen to our songs by choosing an extreme quality in the application settings.

We test on the 4G network and also on the 3G network, so here we provide you with the following video so you can see if the quality of Spotify is limited or not:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9czikX5XNKk (/ embed)

He also added that I have no limitations on sound quality in the TuneIn Radio and DI.FM Radio streaming apps.


Finally, we decided to do a speed test to see what the average speed was when we shared the Internet with our computers and in public places. In this way we ensure that we receive the total speed provided by the network or not.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmLS9lkZB8U (/ embed)


I must say that at the moment I am quite satisfied with the service I received in the last few days that I did a test, especially for the connection speed in its 4G network, and I highlighted the 3G network that was working quite well.

I will not talk about coverage because it is irrelevant, because they distinguish us from the city where we are and also from the equipment we use, because I can perfectly say that I have a good 4G signal because I got the signal in the 700 band, but someone else may have a old phone and do not have 4G in the sector where I have 4G.

Of course, I must say that at least here in Santiago I already have 4G in almost all the places where I moved, even in the Santiago metro, although there is clearly a sector where I fell into 3G.

I will personally stick to this plan because if I want to see YouTube or Netflix, SD quality is enough for me and I am enough, I can also listen to Spotify in extreme quality or watch live signals on national TV channels in HD, I can download files and do anything without worrying about gigs, and talk about everything want with unlimited minutes.

Now, if you are one of those who consume a lot of the Internet and are close to a place where there are a lot of people and the data traffic is something, Entel can reduce its speed to 3G if it exceeds 30 GB. The above does not go anywhere, but appears in the contract that Entel grants you:

Unlimited Entel Review Pack with Optimized Music and Video Quality 6 "Width =" 1049 "Height =" 471

And that's my experience with one of Entel operators unlimited plans. Remember that if you do not want to limit the quality of the video, you must rent the "Complete Unlimited" package from $ 39,990.

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