Epic Games has paid over 9 million euros to have this game! Understand why

by Kelvin
Epic Games has paid over 9 million euros to have this game! Understand why

The Epic Store was one of the great stakes of the creator of Fortnite to increase its presence in the world of PC video games by tackling classic Steam and other popular studio platforms.

In an attempt to make the leap it needs, Epic Games has made a millionaire investment to ensure the exclusivity of the newly released "Control".


Control Should Have No Problem Recovering Epic Games Millionaire Investment

Usually this type of arrangement has a very characteristic format. The payment made by Epic Games should have been "just" a breakthrough in royalties (rights) from the sale of the game in your store.

Therefore, until that amount in sales is reached, Epic Games will not need to pay any royalty percentage. Basically, they bet on Control's guaranteed success to be the only platform to make PC gaming available.

For the studios responsible for their development – Remedy and 505 Games – they will receive 55% and 45%, respectively, of the agreed amount.

This will not be Epic Store's only exclusive game.

In addition to Control's exclusivity, Epic Games has also secured exclusivity for another 505 Games (and Typhoon Studios) game, "Journey to the Savage Planet", to be released in January 2020.

No details on the amounts involved in this second agreement have yet been disclosed. However, one would expect the type of business to be similar, albeit possibly with lower values.

When contacted by PCGamer, Epic Games declined to comment officially on this investment. The one thing the Epic Games representative said (very conveniently) was that everyone should play Control.

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