Epic Games shows what Unreal Engine 5 can do with this demo on PS5

by Kelvin

During the latest release of the online event Summer Games Fest, Epic Games unveiled a new version of the graphics machine. Engine Not Real.

In keeping with the UE5 announcement, the developer presents a demo of the game developed with the engine and runs on the Playstation. 5. You can see it at the top of this note.


What stands out at the beginning of the video is the number of polygons that each object has in the demo, which gives way to more detailed and realistic objects. The Unusual Engine 5 features existing technologies such as Chaos physics and Niagara's destruction or special effects machines.

Unfortunately, this engine is not ready for the next generation console. The engine preview will be available in early 2021 and the launch is scheduled for later that year.

This means that games arriving on the first year of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, developed with Unreal Engine, will not fully exploit the potential of the new platform. The latest version of the engine, Unreal Engine 4.25, you already have support for this console.

As expected, Unreal Engine 5 will also get support for making games for mobile devices and PCs. What do you think of the demo?

Source: Polygon

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