Epic Games states that "we are totally transparent with the loot boxes in our games"

by Kelvin
Epic Games states that "we are totally transparent with the loot boxes in our games"

Loot boxes are one of those issues that are totally controversial within the video game industry. A few days ago, thanks to a meeting of the United States Federal Trade Commission, companies Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo They announced that by 2020 they would begin to force developers to be more transparent about their loot boxes in the games. Now, Epic games has added his words on the matter, indicating that "we are totally transparent" about.

Epic games


According to Epic Games, their games they will always show from now on what the loot boxes include, since they claim that they want greater transparency in their titles. This is what the THQ Nordic studio has confirmed for their loot boxes, indicating that their games will not have "roulette of luck" inside.

"At the beginning of the year, the team responsible for Fortnite: Save the World made a change in the loot boxes that allowed players to know what was hidden in each paid flame before opening or buying it.

Our team at Psyonix also announced a similar change with respect to loot boxes from Rocket league. Henceforth, We want to commit to transparency in all our video games"Announced Epic Games in a statement.

via: Gamingbolt

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