Epic removes expected dates on its public roadmap

by Kelvin
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After not having reached the scheduled dates on more than one occasion, Epic removed the possibility of seeing the expected dates for its releases on its Trello public roadmap.

In addition, the way in which tasks were organized was changed: While previously they were organized in categories “Published”, “From 1 to 3 months”, “From 4 to 6 months” and “More than 6 months”, and had an expected month, Now in addition to taking off the expected month, the categories were changed to "Recently published", "Arriving soon", and "Future Developments".


Epic removes expected dates on its public roadmap 2

Some of the functions that will be arriving soon are the monitoring of game time, the possibility of making purchases within the game thanks to an overlay, support for mods in games, list view in the library, and several changes to the way in which We see the games at the beginning of the store.

In the future, they plan to implement a wish list, a shopping cart, automated refunds, gifts, achievements, expand the list of supported currencies, add user reviews, and launch the store for Android.

What do you think about this change in the Epic roadmap?

Source: PCGamer

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