Epic Win: AMD Epyc CPU with 64 cores and 7 nm Let Xeon …

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Epic Win: AMD Epyc CPU with 64 cores and 7 nm Let Xeon ...

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AMD has launched the 7 cm "Rome" Epyc CPU series, with up to 64 cores, 128 threads, 225 W TDP and maximum clock speeds of up to 3.4GHz. While Ryzen third generation has entered the board with enthusiasm and boosted sales of very strong channels in the last month, the server market is where AMD really wants to play. The server market, in many ways, is the place in the.


And although the corporate launch is basically an invitation for companies to make aggressive claims in an Earth-friendly environment, the specific claims made by AMD are very revealing. AMD states that Epyc sets no less than 80 new world records for CPU performance measured at several industry standard benchmarks, with the Epyc 7742 delivering 97 percent higher performance than the Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L in the top of SPECint 2017. Below are the claims for additional performance. this:

Epic Win: 64-core 7 nm AMD Epyc CPU Let Xeon rest on the ground 2Anandtech's picture

Some of these benefits will be familiar to those who have participated in the launch of AMD Rynm 7nm. Like Ryzen, which will soon reach 16 cores on the desktop, Epyc will now send up to 64 cores. The addition of 256-bit AVX2 registers to Ryzen's design means that AMD CPUs now offer up to 4x Epyc 1 floating point performance. Intel won't have an easy time to fight this: Cascade Lake is already on the market this year and Cooper Lake will fall in early 2020. That's why Intel CEO Bob Swan began admitting that his company expects AMD to be more competitive in the few months than then. Writing is on the proverbial wall.

Epic Win: AMD Epyc CPU with 64 cores and 7 nm Let Xeon ... 2

Single-threaded workloads have an average increase in IPC 1.15x on the same frequency, while an increase in the workload of 32 cores / 64 threads is even greater, at 123x. The maximum gain that AMD saw from the IPC and the greater efficiency in the 32-core CPUs reached 1, 4x, although this should be considered an unusual result. As previously reported, Epyc includes 128 PCIe lines, PCIe 4.0 support, and can load up to 8TB DDR4-3200.

The company is trying to make a lot of difficulties on 2S implementation capabilities, claiming that AMD Epyc's 2S configuration offers a 44% lower TCO (total cost of ownership), allows a 45% reduction in total servers (thanks at the highest CPUs taken into account) and offers 83% higher performance (thanks to a combination of higher core counts and higher performance). AMD believes that its single socket configuration offers I / O and overall performance equivalent to the dual socket Xeon. Depending on the application and the scenario, they may be correct. Dual Intel sockets come in 56 cores, AMD can make a single 64-core socket system.

This approach has historical value. In the early 2000s, AMD Opteron was a strong server competitor for Xeon from the beginning, but it was especially strong in the market that uses multi-socket systems. AMD's "no glue" server architecture allows you to connect cores directly to each other using HyperTransport, while Intel CPUs are connected to shared front buses, and are severely impeded by them. Single socket servers were quite popular in the early 2000s, but although the 2S and 4S markets were smaller, they were very profitable. AMD finally took it 20 percent of the Intel server market in 2005 – 2006 before the decline began, but its first and greatest success was in high-core computing servers where its products had the biggest advantage over Intel in terms of sets of relative characteristics.

Today's situation is not identical, but analogous. Once again, we see that AMD strives to ensure that its upper parts are difficult or impossible to match for Intel. An AMD Rome 2S deployment includes up to 128 cores. The Cascade Lake-AP server sold by Intel is only BGA and, by all accounts, is very expensive. Unless you are using Cascade Lake-AP, it is limited to 28 cores in Intel sockets. AMD can sell you 64.

Anandtech has a detailed review of the 7 nm Epyc launch hardware, and the results are fully in line with expectations. Even in the AVX-512 application aimed at the HPC market, the dual Epyc 7742 is able to match the dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 CPUs.

Epic Win: 64-core 7 nm AMD Epyc CPU Let Xeon rest on the ground 3Anandtech image.

It is literally one of the friendliest Intel benchmarks you can set. With the AVX-512 on an optimized Intel platform, the 7742 is as fast as a fraction of the price. Without AVX-512 optimization, AMD 1.43x faster. Overall, AMD offers 50-100 percent higher performance than Intel in the server market, with 40 percent lower prices. According to Anandtech, only "there was no competition."

Intel can reduce the price, of course. Beyond that, maneuverability is limited. The Ice Lake server will not arrive in a year. The price of this core is incredible, since the Epyc 7742 sells for the upper end for only $ 6950, or about $ 108 per core. The Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 has a list price of more than $ 10,000 for a 28-core chip, just to put it in perspective. If you want a 32-core section, Epyc 7502 includes 32 cores, 64 threads, higher IPC and an additional frequency of 300MHz (2.5GHz base, compared to 2.2GHz) at a price of $ 2,600 compared to the previous price of $ 4,200 for 7601. AMD does not segment its products as Intel does, which means it gets all the benefits of buying Epyc parts in terms of PCIe lines and additional features. AMD also supports up to 4TB of RAM per socket. Intel reaches 2 TB per socket and gives a higher price to that level of RAM support.

In summary? Epic Epyc wins. Analysts estimate that the company's market share in servers could double in mid-2020. Dell, Lenovo and HPE have servers in process. Epyc 1 is a test shot and pipe cleaner. Epyc 2, like Rome, was not built in a day, but once built, dominated the geopolitical landscape of the ancient world for centuries. Intel really expects its new CPU competitor do not live according to the reputation of the homonym.

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