EPYC 7662 and EPYC 7532

by Kelvin
The AMD CPU chiplet design reduces production costs up to ...

AMD expand the family of processors EPYC ROME, which makes up the EPYC Generation2 CPU below the series EPYC 7002. This processor is about EPYC 7662 and EPYC 7532, both share the same manufacturing process @ 7nm from TSMC, the same microarchitecture Zen2, support DDR4 @ 3200 MHz memory configuration in configuration Octa (8) -Channel, have access no less than 128 PCI-Express 4.0 lines, and use the P3 socket.


The AMD EPYC 7662 it's a processor 64 cores and 128 processing threads that works on base / turbo frequencies 2, 00 / 3.35 GHz with 256 MB cache level 3 memory (L3) and TDP of 225W.

On the other hand AMD EPYC 7532 This offers half the core but at a higher frequency, so it faces configuration 32 cores and 64 threads process @ 2.40 / 3, 30 GHz with 256 MB L3 cache (twice as much as the remaining 32-core EPYC CPUs) and TDP of 200W. Thanks to this huge amount of cache memory, this CPU is very useful in cache-intensive workloads, such as ANSYS CFX.

How could the opposite, AMD issued a chest that showed that Your AMD EPYC 7532 is 111% faster than the Intel Xeon Gold 6248who offers 20 core and 40 threads @ 2.50 / 3, 90 GHz and has a price $ 3,100, the price will be around this AMD CPU.

EPYC 7662 and EPYC 7532 2

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