Error Twitch 2000: problems and ways to eliminate them

by Kelvin
Ошибка Twitch 2000

Error Twitch # 2000

Error Twitch 2000

Around 2:30 am many users report a strange error on the website Twitchas everyone who tries to connect to the stream gets the message. “A network error has occurred. Try again. (Error # 2000) “ … This is a serious issue that prevents access to the servers from which the content is streaming, but far from being an issue in and of itself that affects technicians. Twitch, this is actually a problem. national blockade this affects all users in Spain.

Content blocked at the request of the competent authority

Blocking domains and web servers is often associated with pirated broadcast content and the distribution of copyright infringing video signals. Something must have happened to the account Twitchand the complaint is directed directly to the shared servers, so we assume that instead of requesting that the account and IP address of the person who broadcasted the illegal content be blocked, the competent authority sent the operators an order to block a specific server. This is what they usually do when they want to shut down football streaming websites or ROM download websites.


And, of course, the world was united.

No access to Twitch

Accessories Twitch

What some initially thought was a specific mistake by their service provider, reality has shown that this unique problem affects all users in Spain. The most knowledgeable in this matter were able to check how * domains were blocked by providers such as Jazztel, Orange, Movistar and Vodafone, making it impossible to access live broadcasts over an IP internet connection in Spain.

There is a solution?

For now, the only possible solution to bypass this block is to use a VPN that mimics your connection from elsewhere. The Opera browser has its own built-in VPN, but you can use other similar services to get around the ban.

Presently Twitch does not officially report anything, but the problems are more than obvious, and social networks are filled with comments on this matter. Are you having problems accessing the service? Leave a comment and tell us what problems you encountered.