everything we expect from the next ‘keynote’ ​​of Apple

by Kelvin

One of the most important appointments of Apple, and as usual, and after the hangover of WWDC news, it is time to bring users the new versions of their operating systems that take full advantage of the new iPhones that will be presented Apple. And although September is the key month to know the new mobile terminals of the company, as a general rule it is also an unavoidable appointment of news that goes beyond the mobile ones, so great things are expected from those of Cupertino for this event.

While, as we say, the iPhone will be the absolute protagonist of the presentation, it is also expected that Apple Take advantage of this event to highlight some important developments in your software that were not taught at WWDC, update your smart watch, give more information about the imminent arrival of your new services and surprise us with the occasional unexpected announcement. This is all we hope to see in the special event of Apple of this Tuesday, September 10, 2019.


iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

everything we expect from the next ‘keynote’ ​​of Apple 6

Although the name is the biggest mystery we have about the next iPhone release, we know that one of its main benefits will focus on improving the camera. Three different devices in three sizes, following a similar scheme to the one we have now with both XS and XR, and that would include three cameras for the most leading models or Pro or a camera for the heir of the XR, which would not start from the same concept as the current model but would keep part of its line, that is, share specifications at a somewhat smaller price and size than the pointer model of Apple.

Together with the camera, it is expected that the new iPhone will update both its main chip and the co-processor they include, something that Apple I've been doing the last few years, so we'll be back to have a high performance processor which will presumably be the best in its category and that will certainly be fully optimized for the iPhone:

Although some rumors suggest that the iPhone with the denomination Pro include USB-C connector, logic points to Apple Keep Lightning one more generation to keep your mobile category standardized, and leave the new connector for Mac and iPad Pro, which take full advantage of the different options that can be used to connect other devices.

Oh, and all without 3D touch, like the current XR:

Apple Watch 5 series

everything we expect from the next ‘keynote’ ​​of Apple 7

Another of the great news of the September event is, without a doubt, the Apple Watch. After the big change that led to the arrival of the Series 4, the arrival of the new model is expected, presumably the series 5, be a minor jump. A commitment to hardware point in the form of more battery, better processor and new watchfaces exclusive.

Although one of the most rumored functions is undoubtedly the inclusion of a sleep monitor, the truth is that everything indicates that it would be a functionality that would also reach other models, but for now they are unconfirmed data.

It would be an interesting move as long as it is true that no additional hardware required, especially if we take into account that there are third-party apps that are capable of monitoring sleep from devices such as Series 1, so it would not be logical from a purely operational point of view – although commercial – that Apple Limit this function to Series 5 exclusively.

This would also lead to Health receiving improvements in the form of more enriched sleep data, with the intention of following the line of Apple with the integration between your devices and with the contextual information that the dedicated health application of Apple When iOS 13 finally reaches all users, the same as with Activity:

Apple Arcadian, Apple TV + and services

everything we expect from the next ‘keynote’ ​​of Apple 8

The services will undoubtedly be another of the great epicenters of the event of Apple in the morning. Although it is expected that within this product category, Arcade is the one that receives more prominence, we are sure that Apple TV + will also have its share of the event. Logically, because of the imminent launch and to come integrated in iOS 13, Apple Arcade will surely reveal the pending details we have, although we already know its price and some other options that will include:

Also expected an update on the launch of Apple TV +, which could come from the hand of a new Apple TV with processor improvements to welcome both Arcade and the next streaming service from Apple, so the latest rumors have now made a good bet also for the services in this next event.



Although a new event is expected from Apple in October for iPads, it wouldn't be far fetched that Apple I just clarified all the doubts about Apple TV +

One more thing …?

everything we expect from the next ‘keynote’ ​​of Apple 9

The most swampy and less clear terrain of the keynote is to answer the question if we will see any surprises in the form of new devices. The new iPads are one of the rumors, the same as the 16-inch MacBook, but generally Apple an event is reserved in October to update its range of portable devices and iPads, so it is not very clear if we will see something of this line in the event. The same with the MacPro, its release date is still unknown, but the bets on this being the event that clear all doubts are not very wide.

What can be a surprise are the Tiles of Apple. NFC equitetas compatible with third-party devices that allow actions or locate other devices and objects. Rumors about its existence take time between us, and iOS 13 includes NFC-compatible automation systems, so it may be the time when Apple throw this type of accessory.

The rest, the improved AirPods, Touch ID under the screen or … the glasses Apple they are still a utopia that we will not see, as soon, until the end of 2020. However, this event has many new features that in Hypertextual we will cover in situ from the event itself Apple to be aware of all the new things that the company presents.

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