Everything you need to know about Philo

by Kelvin
Everything you need to know about Philo 1

There is no denying the fact that live TV streaming services offer more flexibility than you get from the satellite TV packages you subscribe to. There is a large row of channels compared to cable television services. However, this service may not be cheap as you get a channel only after paying online. Cable cutters may not want to spend money to miss some important actions on television. Thanks to live TV streaming services to offer you packages and the basic benefit of this service is to pay less. When you consider Philo's services, you will see that service providers have abandoned conventional and expensive channel packages, such as sports, to offer entertainment channel packages that cost less than $ 20 for basic services and this is happening with support DVR.

The Philo app is available at Amazon Fire TV Y Apple TV, but if you are not one of the users of this platform and you have not seen this service because it is not available in the transmission box, you can look at it carefully to decide if you need it or not. Philo TV may resemble other streaming channels like Sling TV, DirecTV Now or Hulu YouTube TV, but the offer is completely different from other services. It offers a small package of channels, from full subscription to cable channels you may have, and it is no wonder that low prices are the main advantage of this service.


Philo TV primarily offers lifestyle and entertainment programs to clients and most of the programs are provided by the owners of Scripps, Discovery, A&E, and Viacom, which also offer channels like CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, and many others. This means that you may not get channels provided by other live TV streaming services such as local networks and sports channels. However, you will find many other channels borrowed from a deeper catalog of cable television services.

Philo TV channels and services

As you already know, the Philo channel package does not offer broadcast networks like CBS and NBC and excludes sports channels like Fox Sports and ESPN and other channels in the mix. You may find that there is less focus on news channels, although you can get some of them if you use the basic package. Ideally, the focus is on entertainment channels with popular options including Food Network, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, AMC, MTV, and HGTV. For the $ 20 package, you get various other channels that capture many niche markets and attract viewers.

Channels for $ 16

There are thirty-seven channel packages for this issue, including BBC World News, Animal Planet, AMC, BBC America, DIY Network, FYI Game Show Network, Discovery Channel, Game Show Network, Discovery Investigations, Nick Jr., OWN, Sundance TV , Velocity, Film for Life, A&E, AXS TV, Paramount Network, Science Channel, Food Network, MTV 2, Nickelodeon, TLC, TeenNick, Travel Channel, Land TV, Viceland, WE TV, VH1, HGTV, IFC, History, Cheddar , BET, Central Comedy, CMT and Lifetime.

Included in the package $ 20

Viewers who tend to pay $ 20 can get 46 channels in total and can add these channels to the list mentioned above, such as BET Her, Discovery Family, American Heroes Channel, Cooking Channel, Discovery Life, MTV Live, Destination America, Logo and Nictoon. For beginners, try this live streaming service, there is a free seven-day trial service available through the website. All you have to do is enter a phone number to test it for several days and extend the free trial period by paying from your account.

You can get multiple local networks for free if you get an HD antenna, and if you don't mind missing out on sports action, Philo is strong on entertainment channels. This is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ways to capture the action of various shows, such as daily shows and La Walking Dead.The company has added three more channels to services in October 2018, such as Revolt, Aspire TV and UP TV.

Access services

There are certain downsides aside from personal preferences that can take you away from Philo TV services, but they are still growing. Currently, you can access it through the website, through the Roku decoder, sticks and through the iPhone application. Currently not available on Android, Apple TV Amazon Firebox, Android TV, non-Roku smart TV or on game consoles. Although you may find this gap in Philo's streaming service now, the Android app will be launching along with Amazon API and applications Apple TELEVISION This service comes from small companies; then extensions also occur one at a time. However, the gloomy access to the decoder and the lack of an original app for iPad or Android can make some people guess before accessing this service at this time. However, the scenario may change in the future. Seeing the features of this service can immediately change your opinion about this live television service.

Features of Philo TV's live streaming services

In addition to the demand and live content, Philo also offers a free cloud DVR as other expensive streaming services. You can use unlimited recording resources, but be sure to chase them early because the recorded content only lasts thirty days. Compared to the Playstation Vue DVR deadline, it does not exceed thirty days. One of the main things to keep in mind when using a live TV streaming service package is the number of devices that can be simultaneously adjusted for people who want to watch different shows on the channel. Philo offers three streams at the same time, which means that three people can tune into the devices simultaneously. When you compare the stream to other expensive packages, this service is in the middle with PlayStation Vue offering five, Sling TV offering one to four, and DirecTV Now offering two. Philo does not offer a profile at this time; so the saved show and viewing history remain the same regardless of the viewer.

Are you traveling and want to watch Philo TV on your mobile device? Service providers only offer some channels to view cell phones.

  • Great American country
  • Kitchen channels
  • DIY network
  • Travel channels
  • HGTV
  • Food web

The company has also encouraged the line of channels since February with the support of Viacom, Discovery, AMC, the Scripps network and the A&E network.

Device support

When it comes to device support, Philo TV struggles to keep up with other service providers. In fact, the only way to watch channels for a long time is the Roku platform. Even if you want to watch channels on TV, you need Roku TV or a streaming device or a box from the company. As of July 2018, this service is available. Amazon Fire TV device, Fire TV Cube, and Apple TV

Observation experience

During testing of this service, the service revealed that the image quality was quite good on various platforms. The image looks smoother than PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. As you browse the available programs, you will find a universal platform, but the guides for conventional channels are only available on the website and not in the Roku and iOS versions. It is clear that Philo TV focuses on content rather than channels. Regardless of which channel you are watching, the first thing to look at when activating an app is the home screen. There are two main features on the home screen, namely the new and upcoming live performance and trends. While the former lets you know what movies and shows are coming to you, the latter tells you about all the shows that other people like. If you've seen a particular movie or show and have to go through another job, you can take it from where it started.

Watch TV Philo

You will also find a Direct section that lets you know which programs are currently running and they are all arranged alphabetically. When other live TV services start with live broadcasts, Philo offers you the opportunity to read content on demand and allows you to skip the live broadcast if you wish.


Finding the right streaming service can seem like a daunting task for viewers, especially when they want to get the maximum channel at an affordable price. If you don't mind limited device options, it offers all channels with the exception of sports fans. There is no better time than this if you plan to cut the cable and switch to Internet TV services. Fortunately, direct internet television services can help you get what you need, access from a service provider, and the best benefit you can get is a channel at a very low price because subscription fees are low beyond your imagination. While cable cutters were left with few options in the past, they can now compare the ratings of various live TV streaming services and choose the best to suit their viewing experience.

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