Everything you should know about Nintendo Switch Lite, the bet for the Nintendo portable market

by Kelvin
Everything you should know about Nintendo Switch Lite, the bet for the Nintendo portable market

Rumors were counted by tens, including very famous stores, such as Amazon or Game, which had published accessory cards for this new console. What we did not expect is that Nintendo would move and announce, almost without realizing it, the next release of Nintendo Switch Lite. If it's about a Nintendo Switch portable market oriented.

Nintendo Switch Lite has some very interesting news, although the first thing we must be clear about is that it is a console oriented to the portable market. And is that we talk about an entirely portable console, which will not have a dock, and that cannot even be connected to televisions. Therefore, it could be said that the hybrid factor of the previous version of the console will be sacrificed in order to give the portable format court.


The characteristics of the new Nintendo Switch Lite make it clear that the console has been minimally evolved, adapting it to the portable format in which you want to compete. During its launch, The machine will be available in three colors: yellow, gray and turquoise, although other editions based on video games have been confirmed.

The physical constitution of the console will also be changed. We will be facing a machine mounted on a compact body, without removable parts and with fully integrated controls. Although this means avoiding the famous joycons or compatibility with some games. Further, We can only play games for titles that work in portable mode, which means we will have to say goodbye to projects like Super Mario Party.

As for the figures, mention that Nintendo Switch Lite will weigh 275 grams, regarding the 295 grams of the previous version, with dimensions of 20.8 centimeters long and 9.11 centimeters wide. In addition, the 6.2 inch screen of the previous version will become 5.5 inches. The resolution will still be 1280 x 720 pixels. In this way the portability of the console is enhanced.

By the way, have to focus on the duration of the drums, which has been increased compared to the Nintendo Switch original. And, as has been officially confirmed, the maximum duration will be up to 7 hours. The time will depend on the games we are playing, although it is something positive that Nintendo has been working on this aspect.

Nintendo Switch  Lite

Finally mention other internal characteristics, which are the same as we could see in the Nintendo Switch original. To say that We will still have 32 GB of internal memory, a port for microSD cards, stereo speakers and the famous Nvidia Tegra processor. Regarding the latter model, it has not been confirmed, although it is expected that we are facing a CPU similar to the one we already had.

Will be Nintendo Switch Lite a revolution in the sector? It seems not, since The company wanted to bet on this occasion for the portable market, although that means neglecting the characteristics less used in this type of markets. Of course, users who only want a portable console will appreciate the launch. Especially for the added additions.

Finally, mention that the official price is 199 dollars, although we do not know if with the conversion of currencies the cost of the console could be increased in our country. Some stores confirm prices of up to 240 euros, but we do not know if it will be the end or there will be any reduction.

Don't forget that Nintendo Switch Lite It will go on sale in our country on September 20 of this year. A quite striking launch.