Evo Moment 37: Justin Wong relives 15 years later his historic defeat in Street Fighter III

by Kelvin
Evo Moment 37: Justin Wong relives 15 years later his historic defeat in Street Fighter III

California, August 1, 2004, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament in EVO 2004. There they are in the semifinals Justin Wong and Daigo 'The Beast' Umehara, two of the best players in the world as far as mamporros are concerned. However, it was the second who became a world legend from that moment.

Anyone who is placed in the most competitive facet of fighting games knows the Evo Moment 37. Wong's Chun-Li is about to win the fight against Ken from Umehara using a super attack, but something unexpected happens.


Daigo makes parry to each and every one of the 15 strokes with surgeon precision, to then counterattack with a combo and his own super, taking the victory and cheers from the public. A historic moment, but what did the contestants think at that moment? Was expected Justin wong That comeback from his rival?

The answer is no, not even. The veteran American player has published a video in which he relives point by point his mythical defeat, and I assure you that it is totally worth watching.

There I am in the situation of you already know what. I thought … "Well, I don't think it makes me parry."

But wow he did. The reason for using the parry is because Umehara was about to die, and the blockade does not free you from all the damage, but the parry yes. The moment he saw Daigo jump and parry him in the air was crucial. Justin Wong explains that he already knew there the one that came upon him.

And of course, as Wong himself comments, Daigo he deserved the victory. The rest of the video is mostly commenting on his plays, and highlighting how 'The beast'I was already using Street Fighter V techniques back then. "It's from the future!", repeat again and again.

Another interesting point is the moment when the audience laughs when Ken does not approach Chun-Li. They thought Daigo was doing disrespect to Wong, but this explains that Nothing is further from reality. What the Japanese player did was keep the distances because he knew that it was not convenient for him to be so aggressive first.

Daigo Parry

We can also see a Wong that has matured, and now he sees his past self and complains about his rookie techniques. Although if that was for him to be a rookie, I don't want to imagine what I will be, that I am not able to do even half of those things.

Justin Wong was like the loser, but that does not mean that it remains one of the biggest opponents that you can find in any fighting game. A few months ago by the way, we show you a new angle of this legendary combat, where you can see different nuances of what is now a work of art in the fight genre.

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