[Exclusivo] Huawei committed to Chilean operators to upgrade some devices to Android 10

by Kelvin
Huawei P30 portada carcasa inalámbrica

[Exclusivo] Huawei committed to Chilean operators to upgrade some devices to Android 10 1

Your Huawei I gave you doubts about his future update to Android 10? Well I think we have some good news that our anonymous informants told us about this topic.

This Friday, a rebearing of the Italians HDBlog He shared a provisional list of devices that Huawei would update to the latest version of Android. Well, this coincides with different local reports that land this situation locally, but with firm commitments for the Chilean market made by the manufacturer to the operators.


We can confirm that, during this Friday, mobile operators have received letters of commitment from Huawei ensuring that they will update some of the main models released during 2019 and a few of 2018, all thanks to an agreement made to the eaves of blockade that the United States imposes on Google – and all American companies – not to deal with Chinese technology.

East “Android Q Early Access Privilege“, As it has been called, it gives priority to a handful of Huawei teams to develop and dispatch updates to Q and its corresponding service updates in the shortest possible time. It is not clear if Huawei will be the first company to update their phones officially to Android 10 in the Chilean market or if it will be on par with other manufacturers.

It is clearly moved is conditioned in time by the temporary permission that Google received to dispatch updates and support for the company's current customers, so it would explain the speed with which both companies have worked to develop this program.

The models that Huawei promised to update to local operators are the following.

– P Smart 2019– Y9 Prime 2019– Mate 20– Mate 20 Pro– P20– P20 Pro– P30 Lite– P30– P30 Pro

There is no estimated date for the arrival of this update, but we would bet on a shipment prior to the closing of the temporary permission window that Huawei and Google have to work, which ends on August 19 of this year. We also assume that, given what has been seen in international reports, other local subsidiaries will make the same announcement later.

Meanwhile, negotiations take place in parallel to unlock the situation of the Chinese company. It is expected that during the G20 summit, which will be held in Japan at the end of the month, there could be news about it.

A spokesman for Huawei declined to make official statements in this regard until having an official version.

Thank you, anonymous informants!

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