Expert Report Prepared for UBER Case Announced

by Kelvin
Expert Report Prepared for UBER Case Announced

Istanbul Taxisers Chamber of Craftsmen with United Taxi AssociationHad sued UBER, which terminated UBER XL activities in our country on May 31, in order to determine unfair competition and prevent access. The expert report requested for the case was sent to the Istanbul 10th Commercial Court of First Instance.

In the expert report UBR's bills include VAT and paid to the tax office, that is, no tax loss occurred. Nevertheless, the report stated that UBER had unfair competition. In the report, it is stated that "Uber, especially in terms of Uber XL D2 operators and in terms of actual application, is indispensable for finding customers, hence the application cannot be regarded as pure information technology service and can be evaluated within the transportation sector in the context of transportation and information technology services, As the expert of the sector mentioned that D2 operators are used as taxi service, this clearly contradicts the regulations related to the use of the authorization certificate for the purpose other than its purpose and to benefit from the activities of another, and this will constitute unfair competition in the sense of not complying with the conditions of TK M. 55/1-e. ".

Eyüp Aksu, Chairman of the Chamber of Craftsmen in relation to the report UBRhas been identified as doing unfair competition, he said. Stating that approximately 50 thousand drivers working in Istanbul, Aksu, 250 thousand people from the taxi industry, said that they will continue to clean the sector and continue to protect their rights, he said.


United Taksiciler Association as plaintiff, deputies of Istanbul Chamber of Automobile Merchants and Uber Turkey Yaz as defendant. Limited and Uber Int. Holding BV, Uber B.V., Uber Technologies Inc. companies, On October 16 To be seen.

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