Extend the life of your smartphone How to do it?

by Kelvin

When buying a smartphone, people always tend to think that due to its price it will have a long lifetime. However, among all the electronic devices we use, the smartphone is one of the most likely to be replaced in the short term.

This fact acquires greater emphasis when it is contrasted with the duration of a laptop, whose useful life can be 3 to 5 years in those with a value of $ 700, while those that have a value of $ 1000 can last a long time. plus.


So why do smartphones currently have such a short lifespan? Part of this answer is the difficulty that these devices present to be repaired. This, because some models have built-in batteries that do not support replacement.

However, in the case of iPhone, there are models whose battery can retain a charge capacity of up to 80% after having completed 500 cycles after two years of use, meaning that, when you replace it, you will be securing your phone a Shelf life of two more years. In this sense, Apple You can replace the battery of your iPhone for a cost of between 50 and 70 dollars in case this is not covered by the warranty. The same thing happens on several Android devices, so it is important to inform yourself before buying it: phone repair is a reasonable alternative to extend the life of the phone without having to resort to buying a new one.

Repairing mobiles online

On the Internet it is possible to find sites like iFixit, where tutorials and guides are presented that allow mobile phone users to repair their phones, depending on the fault they present. Through this page, users can get a sense of the repair potential of the different best-selling smartphone models on the market through a scoring system.

But if you are one of those who do not consider doing it yourself (DIY) as an option, then you should go directly to the authorized service center of the manufacturer of your equipment to obtain a repair, something that few do and that should be more common. Although this may be an expensive solution, it will be safer, since your phone will be handled by specialized technical personnel, who will be in charge of repairing the damaged component of your phone or replacing it.

Youtube is also a huge source of tutorials in this regard. We can find specialized channels, such as the MovilOne Phone Repair, the Go Cell Phone Repair or the Fix it Planet, but it always ends up being faster to look for the model of the mobile that we have in hand.

Of course, there are always some tricks that can be followed to extend the life of the mobile, beyond knowing how to repair them:

– Keep it away from moisture when it is not a mobile ready for it.
– Avoid blows, using protective layers, covers and others when necessary. A discreet support can also be used to insert the finger and thus prevent it from falling while making a selfie.
– The batteries have a limited number of charges, so the less times a mobile is charged the longer the battery will last. If you have the opportunity to watch a Netflix movie on TV, instead of on mobile, you will save one more load.

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