F1 2019 combines AMD FidelityFX and Nvidia DLSS technology, a disappointment


Codemaster yesterday announced the release of update v1.07 of F1 2019, which integrates technology AMD FidelityFX and its antonyms Nvidia DLSS.

The first technology is exclusive to graphics. Radeonwhile the second is from GeForce RTX, and while the first promise improve the visual appearance of the game without practically affecting performance, the second one does the opposite, reduce visual appearance in certain areas handling the number of frames, although in this case DLSS is disappointing because, as you will see later, it is sinful blur in all backcountry environments and the furthest vehicle to be blurred.


If it happens like what happens The subway, you have to wait for the patch to finish polishing the technology so that there are not so many visual differences.

In the case of AMD FidelityFX, we have the best visual aspects lost a little performance around 2 FPS with TAA filters, but with DLSS technology, using GeForce RTX 2060, we get improvements moving on average 17 FPSeven so with incredible visual costs, because not only the environment is blurred, but also steering wheel display and all the information it reflects experiences tremendous visual impairment.

If you already have Ryzen 5 1600+ GeForce RTX 2060 game in motion Above 100 FPS with Ultra qualityThere is also no point in using DLSS technology, and more about the visual costs it presents.

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