Facebook admit they hear your call on Messenger


Messenger is the official messaging application of Facebook, which is now in the eyes of the storm, because the privacy of users will be verified.


A few hours ago, the news was dire that Mark Zuckerberg's company was hiring staff to listen to and write audio that he could send via Messenger was announced.

This was acknowledged by the same employee in an interview on the Bloomberg portal, in which they specified that they were not told where or how the recording was obtained, that they simply copied it, without knowing the purpose or the purpose that would be given.

They say they listen to everything from vulgarity to illegality, but they don't have a sense of urgency, they just ask them to work and that's it. Facebook From the same source, he acknowledges that this practice is correct but that he likes it. Apple and Google stopped listening to humans more than a week ago. "

As recognized Facebook, the work hired to find out if "artificial intelligence interprets the messages correctly", which is not logical, at least in the first instance.

This topic is very relevant considering that Zuckerberg declared to the United States Congress that the “conspiracy theory” that they heard through the microphone of his cell phone was a lie and that it was not, but clearly I am eliminating this, that I am not they are minor data.

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