Facebook admitted listening to his users

by Kelvin

According to Bloomberg, Facebook paid hundreds of third-party contractors for decoding voice messages of users of services belonging to the corporation. Facebook already admitted her guilt, and assured that this case is no longer involved.

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According to the representatives of the company, the decryption of sound messages stopped about a week ago. Also Facebook explained that the decryption was carried out with the consent of users, since they chose a special option in the Messenger application for Facebook. Many third-party contractors claim that they did not know how the audio messages were received. According to sources, sometimes contractors had to listen to conversations of indecent content, and it was not clear to them why they should be decrypted.

Bloomberg notes that the corporation did not notify users of listening to their voice messages. Data Use Policy Facebook provides for β€œthe collection of content, messages and other information that you provide.” However, nothing is mentioned about listening to audio messages.

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