Facebook allow you to know and control the personal information you receive from other websites

by Kelvin

Facebook and its platform is news again but this time for a good
New or at least it is in theory. Mark Zuckerberg's company has been linked
to the scandal on a few occasions. That is why it is not surprising that they try to
wash your image with changes in your application and in the way
which manage our data, as they have announced that they will do from now on
with the section "Activity outside Facebook".

Facebook It is free and we already know what is usually said: if a product is
Free is that the product is us. Facebook live off the
, he knows about us and that aspect has raised not
few controversies So to try to cut the information from Facebook have
decided to be a little more transparent by allowing users to know what
data share the websites they visit (we visit).


Activity outside Facebook

To put ourselves in a situation, let's give an example. We visited a page
"X" how good a store can be, a newspaper … and soon we see that in
Facebook similar or identical ads or similar content appear
We have visited. Surely this situation sounds like you. Well this is
possible because those pages facilitate, even without knowing it, information of what we see Facebook.

The social network knows the pages we have visited, even if they are outside its platform
and it does when for example we share a story or press the
"Like" button. And in order to achieve greater transparency they have
launched the option "Activity outside Facebook".

Available at its launch in Spain with Ireland and South Korea, this option will allow the user know and manage the data obtained
by the company thanks to the web pages we visited, although
They can delete. What can be done is to unlink that information
so that it is not associated with a specific user, but not remove it by
full. It is a new option that appears in the section "Your
information of Facebook".

Facebook allow you to know and control the personal information you receive from other websites 3

That will be the point where access all that information that Facebook Has obtained,
as well as a history of visited sites whose information has passed to
Facebook. And next to the viewing, we will also have control over this

We can do that a specific web page stops sending information to Facebook

and therefore that data is not associated with our profile, but
we can also disconnect Facebook of the external pages and of this
way to "blind" to Facebook in relation to our activity in others

The problem, they comment on Xataka, is that in
Facebook They should optimize access to information. This option does not
it will be as accessible as it should and for the sake of transparency should
make it easier for users to control their data, starting by placing the management menu in a more accessible place And not so hidden.

It is a step ahead of Facebook that arrives for silence all the voices that in recent times are rising against the social network.
For now this function is not available, although hopefully it is not
it takes a long time to reach the three countries where he will debut before his
global launch

Source | Facebook