Facebook He has spent time studying how to create an alternative to Tinder. Like what happened in his day with Snapchat, we already know that in the offices of Facebook it does not hurt when copying or competing with an application although in the case of dethroning Tinder the task will not be easy at all. Facebook Dating is born so that those who want to find love can do so without leaving Facebook, with real relationships, real people and many things in common. Its launch has not only endangered Tinder, but has dropped the actions of Match in an unexpected way.


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Facebook Dating claims that any user, without the need for create an extra profile or have a dating app installed, you can link through the application itself Facebook and connect with more real and less fake profiles. The application has already been launched in the United States and in some other countries although it will not arrive in Europe until the beginning of 2020.

Facebook Dating is integrated into Facebook, And that's great

Facebook Dating is an app that is 100% integrated in Facebook and even allows you to share the publications of Instagram in the dating profile, with the ability to add followers of Instagram to some lists of people you like (in secret). It will soon be possible to share the Stories of Instagram Y Facebook In the dating app. Facebook ensures that Dating is a secure app to flirt, where privacy is fully guaranteed. The data from Facebook Dating will not mix with our profile Facebook normal and the user will have the ability to block anyone or even forbid people from sending photos, videos, payments, etc.

How is it Facebook Dating

How is it Facebook Dating?

If you want create a dating profile (it will be separated from the main one) you just need to have the latest version of Facebook and over 18 years. Facebook Dating is not a Tinder to use, in the app you will have the possibility to tell someone you like (expressly) or comment directly on your profile, without any limit. Another one of the things that Facebook He knows he won't be paired with friends automatically (unless you add them to your Crush secret list).

Facebook has clarified that Facebook Dating is an app that is still in development, despite having been revealed in many parts of the planet. These are its main features:

  • The Stories They serve to get to know people more: most apps make you decide with a couple of photos. With Facebook Dating you can follow a profile, see their Stories and know if that person is really for you or not. It is a much more authentic format.
  • You will secretly mark the people you like: Facebook Dating, as we mentioned, does not match you with your friends unless you expressly tell the app that you are interested in that person. The Crush Secrets list Lets do exactly that.
  • The publications of Instagram They can be shared in Dating.
  • Events and groups can show you people with your same interests: You can choose to see people who fit certain preferences, and when you do you will also be visible to them.
  • Sharing data through the app will be safe, you will have the control Who sees everything?
  • Creating a dating profile will be easy: with Dating you will not need an app extra.

Currently it can be used Facebook Dating in 19 countries Among those are: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam. The only problem with the app is that it will not arrive in Europe until 2020, so in Spain we will still have to wait a bit for what they tell us in the Newsroom.

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