Facebook experimenting with hidden posts like counts

Facebook experimenting with hidden posts like counts 1

After Instagram Start experimenting by hiding the number of likes to post to the public, we know it's only a matter of time before the parent company does the same. Well, it looks like that day has come as a trusted informer of Jane Manchun Wong, who has seen the giant social media / prototype reaction features hidden in the Android app. They can immediately start testing it with users and see if it meets the same "enthusiasm" as when Instagram Try it first.

The idea behind hiding likes / counteracting reactions is to remove the "pressure" people sometimes put on themselves by seeing the popularity or lack of popularity of their posts. There are some studies on the negative effects that can occur on a person's self-esteem and mental health, not to mention the emergence of influential culture on social media that is not always based on authenticity.


According to Jane Manchun Wong, she had seen a prototype of this hidden counting function in Facebook Android application through the power of reverse engineering and playing with code. Actually, you can still see the list of people who react and like it, but what will be hidden is the actual number of those people. Therefore, unless people manually count all the lists (which they might not have done), the calculations are either officially hidden or unknown.

Because it is still in the early stages and the feature is still in development, the like / reaction count is still visible, but it may also disappear. But they did actually release it in the end, hoping that things could be different and smoother.

Wong also emphasized that he did not work for Facebook or Instagram because he was "surrounded by hundreds of angry people Instagram user "after filtering a count attempt as hidden before.

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